Winter Wedding Dresses

Buying a winter wedding dress style is one of the luxuries of holding a winter wedding. Why? Because while summer wedding dresses have limitations, winter dresses have none. Wearing a cape with faux fur would be inappropriate for a summer wedding, however it is perfect for a winter wedding. However, unlike summer, if you wore a short sleeved dress at a winter wedding, no one would bat an eye. Summer is associted with florals and pastels, but those can also be worn at winter weddings, however, it might be uncomfortable to wear a black wedding dress at a summer wedding. Thats the greatest part about having a winter wedding dress, the versitility.

Accessories are another great advantage of winter weddings.

You can't wear boots to a summer wedding (well you can but come on, ugh). Fur trimmings are gauche on a summer wedding dresses, but fabulous on the trim and hem of dresses. You can't use a muff to add style to your dress in the summer, but it's one of the best and most unique accessories a bride can have at a winter wedding. A muff can be used in place of a bouquet as well.

Colors are another advantage of a winter wedding. Black is in! And a black and white dress will add class and sophistication to a modern style wedding. Trying for something different? Red is the color of passion, love and heat. Make his blood run hot in your hot-red winter wedding dress. Red is also the color of Christmas, which makes a red winter wedding dress the perfect choice!

I haven't even mentioned fabrics. Wool, heavy satin, velour, velvet, these are the fabrics available for winter, which are very inappropriate to wear during summer. Brighten up fabrics with lucious sparkling sequins, embellishments and pearls.

With all these choices, it's a wonder that weddings still take place mostly in June.

Inspired Designer Wedding Dresses

Growing up, many girls spent hours on end imagining what their wedding would be like right down to the very last detail. As little girls you would dance around the house humming music to which you swore would be your wedding song. You would prance around your house whistling "here comes the bride" as you carefully practiced your eloquent walk that you would one day take down the aisle as you wore your picture-perfect designer wedding gown. After years have passed and you have found the man of your dreams, all that is left to do is find the perfect inspired designer wedding dress to complete your childhood wedding fantasy.

Short Style

If you take much inspiration from the youthful elegance portrayed in posh sundresses that you see confident women donning, then a short-length gown is perfect for your wedding. A strapless dress covered in ivory lace is a trendy option for a lovely afternoon ceremony.

This shift dress features a blush organza ribbon under the bust line, and is completely covered in intricate beading. In this short alternative to the flowing gowns, you will be as comfortable walking down the aisle as you would be having lunch at the new restaurant.

For the bride who wishes to maintain some of the traditional wedding elements in her gown while adding a bit of fun, then an ivory dress with a bateau neckline can be a timelessly elegant option. This gown, complete with a satin bodice, is completely covered with English Net and layered with whimsical lace. The full skirt on this gown will allow you the perfect amount of bounce, as you strut down the aisle, without taking away from the dress's beauty.

Royal Style

Cinderella, a favorite childhood fairy tale for many little girls, is often pictured as the ideal wedding.

As they eagerly watched this heart-warming story, they dreamt of the day that their own prince charming would come rescue them. And, of course, they would drift off picturing the perfect wedding dress they would be wearing as they kissed their knight in shining armor. A modern take on this classic fairy tale style can be achieved by selecting a feminine and flirtatious white gown made of silk satin, with delicate spaghetti straps and a full skirt that includes an elegant train which flows as you walk. The front appliqu├ęd skirt and richly detailed embroidery on the bodice are the perfect combination, while the intricate details on the ribbon around the waist are perfect complements to the overall look. To complete this in true princess style, consider adding a large crystal necklace, dangling earrings and a sparkling tiara.

Some brides prefer to take their style inspiration from queens who set trends hundreds of years before Cinderella ever lost her shoe. These brides will be pleased to know that those ever-popular Renaissance looks they desire have been updated for a modern wedding look. An elegant Victorian blouse in silk taffeta will catch the attention of all who attend your classic wedding. This ivory top is complete with all of the ruffles one would expect of the queen, while the skirt provides a modern twist. The mermaid skirt is meticulously jeweled with crystal and platinum for a one-of-a-kind look suitable only for the chic.

Slim Style

If you are a bride that gets inspired by the sleek, form-fitting garments seen on the red carpet, then a silk crepe Georgette gown, in diamond white, could be your perfect look as you demand the attention from paparazzi. The neckline of this modern gown is notched to draw the eye to the elaborate beading at the top of the empire waist. The cut crystals wrap all the way around the midriff of this dress to make sure you are picture ready from every angle. While the dress contains enough length in the back for a small train, a crepe or chiffon scarf could be draped down the back to further add a touch of flowing grace.

Another radiant look in diamond white is a silk satin Chiffon gown. This plunging v-neck is reminiscent of the Greek goddess style, especially with the soft flow of the skirt as it descends from the thick waistband. A detachable train ensures that you will be ready to go from ceremony to reception with minimal effort.

A strapless gown in ivory is another look that is sure to demand the attention of everyone in attendance. A stunning alternative to the typical satin is Chantilly Lace cascading down the slim-fitting gown. The gowns' draped bust and pleated skirt will give you the appearance of floating down the aisle. You also have the option of wearing the matching wrap to give a touch of elegance for a more formal evening affair.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A wedding is one of the most important ceremony for a woman. It is therefore important to ensure that on that day you make sure you are dressed at your best since it is an occasion that mostly happens once in a lifetime. It is also important to make sure you as the bride are the center of attention.  The best way to do this is to ensure you get yourself a ball gown wedding dress.  This wedding gown ill definitely ensure you look very beautiful as you live through one of your most important times in your life.

There are different types of wedding gowns a woman can select but they all differ in one ay or another. When it comes to the ball gown wedding dress you will be able to differentiate it from the rest due to its fitted bodice reaching to the waistline then from there all the way down it has a full flowing skirt.  This dress will definitely give you that Cinderella look you have always desired for your wedding.  You also have the option of selecting a strapless ball gown wedding dress depending on your likes and fashion sense.

Apart from the strapless ball gown wedding dress, there are various other designs to select from. These would include the Beaded Ribbon Court Bridal Ball Gown Wedding Dress. This type of dress will definitely transform you into a very beautiful bride as you become the center of attraction. You will be able to walk around looking quite attractive and confident that you indeed are the center of attraction. Not only will it boost your confidence it will also help to bring out your beautiful personality for others to see.


Most of the other designs of this type of dress are plain with no beads therefore getting the beaded design will definitely add some style and design to the gown giving it a more sophisticated look.  The type of wedding gown you wear will help transform you into a more attractive bride as it helps in bringing out the wonderful figure you have more clearly for others to look at and admire as they compliment you on your beauty. It is therefore important to get the best gown for your wedding and do not comprise your day in any way by selecting a less pretty or fancier gown.