Discount Wedding Dress

One much more tactic to diminish the quantity of invitees is by not permitting every among the unattached folks to carry a companion. This could possibly include substantial research, due to the fact if a person is deemed unattached but they are in the major relationship, then they ought to get permitted to carry their major other. speak to pals and family members previous to singling out an individual guest and never making it possible for them to carry a person significant to them on the ceremony.

Finally,Cheap Prom Dresses, a lot of young couples are deciding upon to maintain ceremonies that usually do not incorporate children. If just about every guest was permitted to consider children,Cheap New Design White Halter Embroidery Sash Wedding Dress price, then the quantity of friends and family would raise considerably, therefore would the cost. As you are addressing the wedding event invitations, incorporate just the names for this few you are inviting.

If a person replies and shows theyre bringing a guest when an individual was not integrated inside invite or possibly a family members replies with 4 attendees instead of two, one can find procedures to manage it respectfully. it is essential to contact these invitees and clarify the situation. to begin with,hCheap New Design White Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress, consult the individual guest when the romantic relationship is meaningful. If it is, then apologize for not realizing and incorporate the day if seating allows. inside circumstances for this family,Louis Vuitton,Discount wedding dresses 2011, maintain your soil and notify the family members that kids are not invited knowning that it surely is the identical for each and every for this participants. If theyve difficulty with this, then make an apology but remain firm.

Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress!

Just finding the right wedding dress for yourself won't make you look stunning. It is equally important to make your bridal dress adorable with the right accessories. Brooches, earrings, shoes, oversized flowers, bows and jewelries are just some of the accessories important to complete your bridal wear.

Styling your wedding dresses is not just a one- off option. There are numerous ways to accessorize your wedding gowns. Your overall styling can be traditional or classic, sleek and chick, retro or vintage, hippy or hipster cool and so on. Hence a variety of options are available to style your wedding dress. Some of the basic accessories that need consideration include corsages, fashion statement shoes, brooches, clutch bags, headbands, feather extensions, chandelier earrings and other forms of jewelries.

Corsages are a good substitute for a bouquet. You can decorate it with bright colors and attach it to your skirt, strap or even in your hair. Another accessory which is quite essential in enhancing your appearance is statement shoes. Allowing your shoes to peep from your bridal gown can be a cheeky and fun accessory. Although, it is necessary to make sure that you are comfortable in your shoes. A wobbly walk will all but severe your style statement.

Brooches are another trendy accessory, which can be a versatile add- on to your wedding dress. They can be attached to your shirt, dress- strap or can be pinned in your hair. They are most attractive when in beautiful and bright colors. Brooches can make an ideal way to accessorize the bridesmaid's wedding dress. They can also be given as gifts for wedding.

Another make or break style statement is clutch bags. A wedding dress is incomplete, unless accompanied with a perfectly matching clutch. You can mix up other accessories with your clutch to make it all the more attractive. A clutch brightened with a brooch or a beautiful corsage can be the talk of the evening.

Headbands are a lovely way of enhancing your hairstyle. It can also be a cheaper substitute to a tiara or a veil. Another way of styling your hair is the use of feather extensions. Long feathers can be weaved in your hair to augment their beauty.

Besides these, jewelries are one of the most important ways to accessorize your bridal dresses. Choosing the right jewelry depends upon several factors like your personal taste, style of wedding gown and the wedding theme. A long pendant necklace, thick bangles, chandelier earrings or diamond earrings, pearls tied to a necklace, engagement ring are just some of the ways to add style quotient to your bridal wear with the help of jewelries.

Accessorizing your wedding dress tends to increase your budget slightly. So an alternative way out of this is to go for cheap wedding dresses. Cheap does not necessarily mean cheap in quality. A good quality cheap wedding dress accompanied with the ideal accessories can be a sure head turner. And as the saying goes, 'you're still not fully dressed unless you accessorize your wedding gown!'

The Wildest Wedding Gowns of the Future

When it comes to couture wedding gowns, it's easy to imagine things have never changed, and will never change. Take a little look back in time, though, and you'll see all sorts of interesting developments when it comes to weddings and the dresses that have traditionally been worn to them. Even the 'timeless' staple of a white wedding dress might not be quite as old as you think... so who knows what will be the accepted standard 10, 20, or 30 years from now? In the world of dress design, things never stay the same way for too long. Here are a few of the evolutions we may see in the wedding gowns of the future.

Bold Colours

While white is the accepted standard now, all it may take is for one celebrity or influential figure to buck the trend and we'll see a whole slew of couture wedding gowns that use colour to a far greater extent. For example, a few of the recent bridal fashion shows have featured entirely black wedding dresses - the polar opposite to the traditional white gown. However, the willingness to experiment does show the sort of attitude that many designers can take to colour, and all it takes is one highly-publicised example a trend takes off - wedding dresses of different colours may soon become more and more common.

Different Styles

There are plenty of 'alternative' wedding ideas and options out there - whether you have a taste for steampunk or the gothic, there's an aesthetic to suit you. While many people still enjoy the traditional ceremony, there's no reason not to plan a day that's just a little bit more 'you', and many people are beginning to do that already. What this might mean for couture wedding gowns is that increasing diversity in styles and schools of design may keep on branching out - allowing brides more customisation options. Creating a personal, customised dress may well become the norm of the future, instead of shopping for an 'off-the-rack' wedding dress.

Plenty of Accessories

With the recent quirky emergence of couture wedding gowns that feature pockets, we might just be in for a sweep of dresses favouring function over style. It might be interesting to see where the theory and practice behind wedding dress design goes, with these kinds of modern considerations to incorporate into the finished product. On the other hand, this might be a trend that doesn't quite take off. No matter the modern gadgets and conveniences that a bride might need, there's always the desire to leave it all behind on the big day!

Plus Size Wedding Dresses - Looking Your Best On Your Special Day

Finding plus size wedding dresses might seem a daunting task to do, but you would be surprised of how easy it actually is. As long as you know the tricks, choosing the wedding gown of your dreams should not be a problem even when you have a curvy body. In order to do so, there are a couple of things that you have to know before you go dress shopping. First of all, you should know your body type; the four most common types are the apple shape, pear shape, hourglass shape, and rectangle shape. It is crucial for you to identify your body shape so that you can get the right plus size wedding dress. If you are busty, a v-neckline will give you a gorgeous contrasting line. Avoid anything with too many layers because it will make you look bigger than you actually are, and you wouldn't want that.

Second step is to find the right bridal shop. You should make use of your internet connection at home, or go to any internet café if you don't have it at home, and search for any bridal shops that sell plus size wedding dresses around your area using a search engine! Check their websites and you should find the one that you think is worth visiting. When trying out dresses, make sure that you get the one that is comfortable. Do not suffocate yourself in it! The ideal dress is the one that allows you to move freely. You would not want to have a very hard time walking down the aisle. And you certainly would not want to look extremely awkward taking that first dance with your groom during the reception party. So ladies, make sure you get the right size and the right silhouette for your body shape. Do not be ashamed of getting a bigger size if it does not fit you well enough. Do not worry if some parts of the dress do not fit you perfectly, you can get them altered. You should not be afraid to ask the shop employees if you can get the dress modified. As much as it already looks good on you, you still want to make it as perfect as possible; you deserve to look your best on your wedding day.

Do not afraid to be yourself and remember that even when you are curvier than the models you see in magazines, you can look absolutely stunning, especially on your special day. With the right information and careful planning, finding plus size wedding dresses should be easy.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

We recommend these precious gowns to all brides who are planning a spectacular and inspiring summer time wedding outdoors, in the middle of the nature or anywhere else inside, in a more elegant, fancy and exquisite local or venue. These remarkable ball gown Atelier Aimee wedding dresses presented here are for cathedral, castle or for botanical garden and public park locations. You can see for yourself that these special designs were showing you here are meant to fit and flatter the sophisticated bride who is planning a big extravagant wedding.

However, this splendid bridal collection also feature less elaborated Cheap Empire Waist Wedding Dresses made especially for those of you who are planning a casual sleek wedding. You can therefore find pretty sheath or empire waist silhouettes among these fabulous ball gown styles. We though to offer you more examples of fairy-tale Cheap Flower girl dresses because we know that there are many brides out there waiting to see more haute couture rich and romantic wedding gowns fitted for a princess look. Well, we are looking forward to hear what your opinions are on these graceful and stunning pieces presented here. This bridal collection is made for the year 2011 and it was inspired by the Mother Nature itself! The richness of the flowers, colors and of the green revived nature represented the sources of inspiration used by this designer in creating these phenomenal and Cheap Halter Wedding Dresses.

We adore the flourish patterns, embroideries and prints made on these fascinating gowns able to take the brides look to a further level of artistry, uniqueness, natural elegance and sophistication. There is no doubt that these pieces here are incredibly romantic, attractive and irresistible. They were designed especially for brides who are interested in looking like a real princess on the wedding day.

Asian Wedding Dresses Reflect Their Country's Beauty and Culture

For a traditional bride who wants an Asian wedding dress it can be a daunting task to find one; you may have to order online and then find a seamstress to finish it to your personal specifications.

Here are some interesting facts about the beautiful Asian wedding dresses.

Red is the traditional color of Asian bridal wear; the dresses are made of rich fabrics in bright colors and adorned with ornate embroidery and beading.

The dresses are representative of traditional dresses worn by the brides of that culture.

The Asian bride usually doesn't wear a veil that covers her face, instead an ornate headpieces is what they most often wear.

While each Asian country has their own form of traditional dress and style they do all tend to be ornately detailed and use rich fabrics.


The traditional dress of the Japanese bride is actually two kimonos: a white brocade kimono which is worn during the ceremony and a separate colorful kimono called a uchikake for the reception.

In a very traditional Japanese wedding, the bride's hair is done with a number of gold combs which is covered by a white headpiece called a tsuno kakushi; the covering of the gold combs symbolizes obedience.


A Southern Chinese bride, as is custom, wears a bright red dress; in China this symbolizes luck.

The Cheongsam is a two piece gown.

It is embroidered with dragons and a phoenix and typically done for the most part in gold; the edges of the skirt and jacket usually have a gold trim also.

The traditional bridal crown has beading and fabric balls on top, it's very ornate is often one of the most expensive pieces of the outfit.

Jeogori and Chima

The Korean women's wedding attire includes a jeogori, which is a short jacket with long sleeves and two long ribbons which are tied to form the otgoreum.

A chima is a full-length, high-waisted, wrap-around skirt.

Boat-shaped shoes, made of silk, are worn with white cotton socks.

The bride's attire might include a white sash with significant symbols or flowers; a headpiece or crown may also be worn.

The norigae is a hanbok decoration which has been worn by all classes of Korean women for centuries, it's tied to the skirt or the ribbon on the jacket; the knot on the top is called the Maedeup.

Thai Wedding Dress

There is not real concept of a "Thai wedding dress", it was most often a formal Thai dresses made to be worn more than once.

The Thai consider traditional attire to be elegant and versatile, so don't want to waste such beauty by wearing it only once. A lot of time and care goes into creating a traditional Thai dress so it's made to be worn, loved and enjoyed as often as possible.

The traditional Thai dress is a hand-woven dress made of cotton, a fabric that's more cool and comfortable in a tropical climate like Thailand has.

Ao Dai and Ao Choang

Vietnamese wedding dresses have a long history steeped it Vietnamese tradition.

Ao Dai means "long dress".

Early versions comprised of 4 to 5 panels of silky, flowing fabric, layered over loose-fitting trousers of the same material; the number of layers usually signified the wealth of the person wearing it - the more panels or layers, the wealthier the person.

Some of the very wealthy would even wear more than one ao dai at the same time.

Currently, most ao dai consist of only two pieces: a dress which is worn over a pair of loose silk pants; the dress can vary in length from just below the knee all the way to the ground.

The dress consists of two to four panels, has a well-fitted bodice, and is split on the sides from the waist down; early versions had buttons up the front or on the side.

The necklines usually vary between two styles, the "boat" style or the "mandarin" style.

The "boat" style is more open, off the neck and preferred in warmer climates.

The "mandarin" style is a high stiff collar - the length of the collar depending on the person wearing it.

Sometimes, the collar is formed by the many layers (or colors) of the ao dai - as many as seven at once. Occasionally, a low-scooped neck style will be worn, but these are less common.

Most ao dai are custom tailored, fitted to the individual's body. Some lesser quality ao dai's are now being mass produced, but, of course, they're less fitted and of standard designs.

For her wedding, the bride wears an outer robe (the ao choang) over the ao dai to create a more formal look.

Red is considered the marriage gown color, although bright pink may also be used. At times, gold silk trims the ao dai and/or the ao choang.

Unique trimmings are often painted or embroidered on the garment and the couple's names, in Korean, or beautiful images are used as trimmings along the collar, cuff or back.

The bride's head is adorned with a matching headpiece; either the non la (a cone-shaped hat made from dried, woven leaves) or the khanh vanh which many people say resembles a flying saucer!

During the wedding day, the bride and groom may change their clothes as many as three or four times - from a western-style wedding gown and white tuxedo, to the ao dai for both the bride and groom, to formal evening gown and black tuxedo.

Overall, the ao dai is a graceful, stately costume, flattering to almost any figure. In fact it has become a popular garment in western culture as well.

Modern Trends in Asian Bridal Attire

Tradition is still very much respected in many Asian cultures; however, families are finding that a blend of traditional attire and contemporary wedding gowns is what they would like for their weddings in 2011 and beyond.

As an example, a couple may decide to wear more westernized attire for the ceremony and then change into their traditional attire for the reception.

No matter the Asian country, the wedding attire is elegant, ornate and most often meticulously crafted to honor the richness of its culture.

When this blending of traditional and contemporary wedding dresses is done it reflects their cultural heritage and is a meaningful and beautiful way along with their modern day ideas.

Enjoy wearing your traditional Asian wedding dresses and blend them with the westernized wedding gowns for a truly beautiful wedding day.

Custom Made Wedding Dresses For All Seasons

Whatever time of year you plan to tie the knot, it can often make for an incredibly memorable event when the details of the wedding are carefully arranged to match the season. Though many couples opt to marry in the spring or the summer, others enjoy the ambience of an autumn or a winter wedding. When it comes to custom made wedding dresses, an idea of the season can often be crucial to creating the best design for the event.


There are a myriad of themes for weddings reflecting the snowy season. Whether you choose traditional Christmas colours of red and green, or opt for more subdued and stylish silvers and blues to represent the frosts and skies of winter, a winter theme is likely to be talked about for years to come. Glowing candles and sparkling fairy lights can also become wonderful centrepieces to emphasise the warmth of family and community that brings people together at a wedding. Custom made wedding dresses can fit into the colour scheme, or feature motifs such as a beautiful, unique snowflake for a one-of-a-kind bride.


Springtime is the season of new beginnings - so is it any wonder so many weddings are held in the spring? Spring weddings reflect new life with green buds and blossoming flowers. Garden weddings or other outdoor-themed ceremonies are often popular in the warmer weather. For custom made wedding dresses, bridal bouquets, and even bridesmaids dresses, pretty pinks, lavenders, light greens and soft yellows make great choices for a springtime colour scheme.


Undoubtedly the most popular time to get married, summer weather is perfect for a wedding and then a glorious honeymoon. Weddings in summer can be held on a beach or in beautiful tropical gardens, with minimal chance of rain! Bridal bouquets have their choice of bright and fragrant seasonal blooms, and vibrant summer colours like lemon, azure, and cherry. An evening summer wedding at a beach can be the most memorable event of the year.


Whether the autumn brings you brisk and windy days or the warmth of an Indian summer, weddings in this season conjure images of turning leaves and glorious sunsets. Autumn brides can opt for rich colours in copper, claret, indigo and russet for their custom made wedding dresses. For outdoor celebrations, flowers are still abundant - lilies, asters, roses, and sunflowers are all wonderful choices for bouquets or floral arrangements.


A shop is generally a place where people go to buy and purchase things and stuff which can help them out in the future or satisfy their needs for the time being. Shops are of different kinds and types, and each kind of shop carries its unique specialty. Firstly, if a guy or a man or a boy intends or desires to purchase some stuff, he will get to meet a large number of shops of various kinds. But when a female gets out to empty her purse, you will get to find them mostly in the shopping malls where cloths and other types of dresses are available. All over the world, women are known to be extremely fashion consious and they devote a lot of time and money on their personal appearances. In order to keep you with the latest trends and fashions, you will find them visiting apparel and clothing boutiques that offer the latest designs and quality stuff at reasonable price.

During the festive season when person is looking for the perfect wedding dress, it is advisable to visit the local wedding dress shops.

We can say, that the wedding dress shops are a brides paradise because the wedding dress shops cater to all that they need on their most important moment of life. Finding the perfect wedding dress at short notice is indeed a very daunting task and most wedding dress shops would tell you that it is next to impossible. The reasons for the last minute shopping could be many such as non-availability of a favorite venue on the required dates, a sudden illness or mishap in the family and so on and so forth. With the arrival of so many wedding dress shops and bridal stores, shopping for the wedding has become relatively easy and less time consuming today.

Most of the brides find it difficult to select or choose the right shop for purchasing or buying their bridal dress. There are many specialty shops that sell merchandise or wedding materials that are specifically suited to a particular person's needs. Some shops specialize in the woollen gloves while other specialize in wool, silk. Cotton or satin fabrics which are used for making the bridal dress. When the would-be bride visits the wedding dress shops, she must take her time in selecting or choosing the right dress pattern, the colour and texture of the fabric and she must see if it suits her and whether it is in her budget. She must plan her wedding dress atleast six months or a year in advance so that she may have enough time for alterations or changes in fittings that might be needed later.

The Magical Stuff of Summer Wedding Dreams

You float down the aisle towards the altar where your groom waits, and in the background, your hear the soulful serenade of Chris Ledoux:
"Just look at you, girl
Standin' here beside me
Starlight on your hair
Looking like a dream I dreamed somewhere..."

You are indeed a beautiful vision in your wedding gown of French lace and pastel floral beadwork. That's how wedding dresses can magically transform brides to fairy princesses. So choose one design from those lovely wedding gowns to make your march down the aisle the stuff that dreams are made of.

Choosing THE Wedding Dress

Something old, something new, something borrowed - but should it always be something blue? Modern brides are getting out of the traditional norm when choosing wedding dresses. It's no longer the customary long white gowns they want to wear. They choose something that personalizes their personalities and their fantasies.

If you're fantasizing to float down the aisle like a dream, spend more time deciding your wedding dress and leave the other bridal details to your mom, sisters, and best friends. The motif of wedding dresses is central to your wedding plans, and if you've decided on a wedding outfit that evokes the tantalizing spell of summer, the other details will easily follow.

Choosing that wedding apparel from a number of spell-binding wedding dresses can be as arduous as conquering Mt. Everest. For starters, be ready to try on a number of wedding gowns and dresses before settling on one that absolutely completes the picture of an idyllic summer wedding. So whether you are choosing to rent one or have one custom-made, be ready to take the time.

Wedding Dresses To Rent

Renting a wedding gown is an option if you are on a budget. But don't think that just because it is one of those rentals, you'll be getting a lousy deal. Wedding gowns and dresses are all equally lovely and stunning and come in different designs, styles, and fabulous fabrics.

You can choose your wedding gown online. You can also get other bridal accessories and jewelry to complete the romantic look you're going for. Since there's no rush when you're renting a wedding gown or dresses for your bridesmaid, you'll be saved from a lot of nail-biting and sleepless nights. You get to see the gowns, try it on, and get the perfect fit.

Off-the-Rack Wedding Apparel

Getting one of those wedding dresses off the rack eliminates some of the headaches that go with choosing your wedding attire. Ask the shop to show you wedding dresses that's picture-pretty for a summer garden wedding. These are generally affordable than custom-made dresses. But since you are in charge here, you have at your disposal a number of gowns to choose from.

Before Getting Your Wedding Dress

Before you rush to rent or buy a wedding gown, cut out pictures of celebrity wedding gowns so you won't be at a loss for words describing what you want. You can also scrounge family albums to check out the vintage designs for a summer or traditional wedding dress.

Here are some valuable tips to get you going:

* Decide the motif of your wedding.

* Decide the colors.

* Determine the budget for your wedding dress.

* Have a trusted friend with you when you shop.

* Decide which shape flatters your figure.

* Try the dress on to check out how you look.

* Decide on the hairstyle to match the overall bridal picture.

Wedding dresses for rent or off the rack should be selected with care. Remember that when you glide down the aisle, all eyes will be on you, but it's your groom you want to mesmerize, right? So take your time when choosing your wedding gown.

Get a Cheap Gown That Will Make Jaws Drop

You don't have to be financial whiz to plan a great wedding on a budget. All it takes is a few clever ideas, some thrifty shopping, and the right attitude and you can easily save thousands. Take for instance the wedding dress. You can easily get an inexpensive wedding dress that is beautiful and elegant WITHOUT spending $5,000 dollars. As a matter of fact, you can even get a great gown for UNDER $1,000 dollars.

How to Easily Get an Inexpensive Wedding Dress...

1. Shop in the Off Season. Shopping for a gown during wedding season (late spring through summer) is like trying to buy a car from a salesman that saw you drive up in a cab -- it's going to cost you an arm, a leg, and probably a kidney to boot. If they know you NEED it, you're not going to save a dime.

2. Get Away From Tradition. It's "traditional" to wear a white and very large dress -- it's not law. You can wear any size or color dress you want. A white slip dress, a silver tea-length gown, or just any dress you own that looks great on you. Add in a couple of bridal accessories and do a few alterations and NOBODY can say that it isn't a suitable wedding-day dress.

3. Ask Family. Did you ever think about wearing your mom's, aunt's, or even your grandmother's wedding gown? Well, if you didn't, it's time to start considering the idea. This isn't just a great way to get an inexpensive wedding dress, it's a way to get a FREE dress for your wedding. Ask her if you could have the honor of wearing the gown on your big day. If she has a heart, and you use that magical word "honor", theres no way you'll be turned down.

4. Think Outside The Box. Visit second hand stores, thrift stores, antique shops, drama centers of high-schools/colleges, and even flea markets. Odds are one of these places has an extraordinarily inexpensive wedding dress which is suitable to wear.

What To Do With The Savings...

Aside from just being able to pocket the savings, you could use some of the money to make alterations to that beautiful, yet incredibly inexpensive wedding dress you just picked up. You can change color, size, accessories, style, you name it. Hire a good seamstress to make the changes and you'll be good to go.

Wedding dress-Western culture

A dress or wedding gown is the dress of the bride during the wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the participants of the wedding. 


Weddings performed during and immediately after the Middle Ages were often more than a union between two people. It may be a union between two families, two businesses or even two countries. Many weddings are more about politics than love, particularly among the nobility and upper classes. Brides were therefore expected to dress in a way that put them in their families, the most favorable light, because they are not representing only themselves during the ceremony. Brides of wealthy families often had unique colors and fabrics. It was common to see those using bold colors and layers of furs, velvet and silk.


Wedding dresses have traditionally been based on the popular styles of the time. For example, in the 1920's, wedding dresses were typically short in the front with a longer train in the back and were used for wedding veils style cloche. This tendency to follow current fashions continued until the end of 1940, when it became popular to revert to design long, full skirted reminiscent of the Victorian era. Although there has always been a style that dominates the bridal market for a while, and moves with changes in fashion, a growing number of modern brides are choosing not to follow these trends. This is largely due to non-traditional weddings are not for the first time, and women who marry later in life.


Today, western wedding dresses are usually white, although "white wedding" includes creamy shades like eggshell, ecru and ivory. Philippa of England was actually the princess documented for the first time in history to wear a white wedding gown during a real wedding ceremony, wearing a robe with a white silk cloak lined with ermine and gray squirrel.


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Where You Can Find Cheap Wedding Dresses For Under $100

Cheap Wedding Dresses for $100 aren't as hard to find as you might think. So, get ready to start hunting for that amazing bargain wedding dress! It's out there waiting for you, you just have to find it! Here are five places that you can start looking:

1. Bridal Store Sales: Most bridal stores sell wedding gowns for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but they have sales and sometimes those gowns go for a lot less. And, they usually have at least a couple of dresses that are around the $100 mark. For example, David's Bridal has at least a few dresses year round that are sold for just about $100.

2. Department Stores: Think outside the box and go shopping at the mall and hit department stores (and all the regular stores in between). They may not have traditional wedding dresses, but they have a lot of elegant gowns and some of them will be the traditional white dress. Take a look and keep your eyes open for sales just after holidays, seasons change, prom, and homecoming. Also hit their websites to see if they have any other selection.

3. Thrift Stores: Just like any other piece of clothing, wedding gowns also end up getting donated. So, go check out some thrift stores or used clothing shops!

4. Online Bridal Stores: These are tricky. Sometimes you can get a great gown for a really great price, but the downside is, you won't be able to try it on before you buy it. Still, some people have great success getting their dress this way.

5. Etsy or eBay: Homemade or used cheap wedding dresses are right at your fingertips! People are selling them all over the internet! Etsy and eBay are just two well known marketplaces that sell all sort of items, but they also sell wedding dresses. Do a search and see what you find!