Asymmetric Cheap Wedding Dresses

Are you a Glamor Queen? If you love looking like a Star and want to look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day, then the choice for 2010 is the asymmetric wedding dress. Also known as a one shoulder wedding dress, the asymmetric cut refers to the number of straps covering the shoulders. Obviously, this cut has only one, and it doesn't matter which side it's on. Left or right shoulder, the other one always remains bare. It's oh-so-feminine and can be simple or elaborate, depending on the embellishments and fabric. The asymmetric cut looks great on just about anyone, whether you're larger or smaller chested. However, you should consider the neckline to make it appropriate for your chest size. Larger chests should get something with more support. Keep in mind that since it does draw the eye to the shoulder and decollete area due to its unique design, you may want to go with something else if you'd rather draw attention away from there.

Not quite as revealing as strapless but just as sexy, it's the hottest trend of the season, and designers know this. Check out any catalogue and you'll find price tags to be well into the thousands. But there's no need to fret. There are cheap wedding dresses out there that are easy enough to find.

So you want a gown with one shoulder? Your first stop is online. Search for asymmetric cheap wedding dress and you'll find pages and pages of places that sell it. You'll be able to find ones starting from as cheap as 9 (Niki Style 16616)! Sure beats the exorbitant prices that top designers charge (we wonder how much Michelle Obama paid for her one shoulder dress she wore at the inauguration early this year).

Look gorgeous on your wedding day, without breaking the bank. The one shoulder wedding dress is what to wear for 2010.

2011 Wedding Dress Trends

2011 might seem like a long way off, but wedding dress trends start to become a big concern for brides in 2011. And wedding dress designers are already hard at work creating the beautiful styles which brides next year will all be coveting. Now, let's have a look at the romantic style of the latest wedding gown trends. For the last few seasons, ruffles have been one of the biggest ways that designers have chosen to add volume and visual interest to their gowns. The wedding dresses which are set to debut soon move away from the ruffle trend, but not from the idea of using embellishments to add volume and femininity.

Instead of ruffles, look for dress clothes with hundreds of tiny three dimensional flowers stitched all over them. Soft petals are another favorite decoration for the romantic dresses for 2011. Oversized clusters of flower "corsages" are another big trend, and they are primarily being used as accents on waistlines or shoulders. One thing you will not be seeing is a lot of plain dresses or those with simple lines. Asymmetry is still in, in the form of the one shoulder wedding dresses with asymmetrical draping on the bodice. Very low waistlines are in abundance, and most bodices have pleated, gathered, or draped bodices which hug the figure. Certainly strapless wedding dresses are still a staple, and the one shoulder style is still in style. A new addition to the necklines for 2011 wedding dresses is the tip of the shoulder design: very slim at the top and just barely grazes the edge of the bride's shoulder. It is a very complimenting neckline for many women, and a nice alternative to the more typical strapless wedding dress. With all the romanticism evident in the upcoming gowns for 2011, don't worry that all the petals and flowers mean less sparkle. You will be seeing larger crystals used to embellish the entire dress, from neck to hem. The difference is in the way the sparkly details are being used: more organically and in clear crystal, rather than the icy silver of mirror backed crystals or rhinestones used to create a defined pattern. Even feathers are making a statement as a trendy wedding dress embellishment. These fantastical details are being added to very soft and romantic fabrics like net, lace, and organza to create gowns which are like something out of a fairy tale. Well, if you have a dreamy wedding dress, no matter it is of a picture or conception; you can send the picture to our custom madeservice, more details and your measurement are also needed. Then a new fashionable, stunning and charming wedding dress will in your wardrobe and on you.

Wedding dress cleaners

Why clean a wedding dress?

Getting married is hopefully the most important day of your life and you will definitely want to keep all the memories of your day alive as best you can. One way of making sure your wedding dress is kept in pristine condition for the future is to take it to a wedding dress cleaners to look after the pride and joy that is your wedding dress.

What service do wedding dress cleaners offer?

Obviously a wedding dress cleaners will clean your dress but, as well as that they will look after it beautifully, ensuring that you can store it properly and keep looking at it whenever you want. A good wedding dress cleaners should place as much emphasis on the proper care of your special dress as you would and you would be advised to do your research before choosing one.

Are wedding dress cleaners expensive?

Lots of wedding dress cleaners charge extremely reasonable prices and, no doubt having paid a lot for your beautiful dress in the first place, you will be willing to spend the necessary amount to have your wedding dress looked after properly.

Where can I find good wedding dress cleaners?

One of the best wedding dress cleaners around is

They offer a really good service and will look after your wedding dress with as much care and thought as you would. This wedding dress cleaners offer the most thorough wedding dress cleaning and they will do the job at a price that you will be really pleased with. Visit their website today and get your wedding dress cleaned so that you can keep it in the best condition for years to come.Getting married is hopefully the most important day of your life and you will definitely want to keep all the memories of your day alive as best you can.

Getting married is hopefully the most important day of your life and you will definitely want to keep all the memories of your day alive as best you can.Getting married is hopefully the most important day of your life and you will definitely want to keep all the memories of your day alive as best you can. are wedding dress cleaners that can provide the most thorough wedding dress cleaning , keeping the dress in the most prestigious condition at a great price.