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Things To Consider Before Selling Your Jewelry

There are numerous things that must be considered when you’re going to be selling any type of jewelry. For example, if you are going to sell diamond engagement ring components or sell the entire ring, you must have somebody in mind that you can trust. There are likely to be diamond buyers in Salt Lake City or other areas that are going to meet with your expectations (Source: Diamond Buyers in Salt Lake City by Mike Menser’s Diamond Buyers). Not only are they going to help you to get the best price, they are going to give you options that are available so that you can maximize your profits. Now that you know where to sell diamonds, what can you do to ensure that you are making as much money as possible?
One thing that may be considered is the possibility of selling the diamond ring as its individual components. If the diamond is part of a ring that has a considerable amount of gold, that gold can be quite valuable. It may be better for you to sell the diamond as an individual stone and then to sell the ring for its weight in gold. Be sure that you talk to the buyer about this before accepting the sale. It is also a good idea for you to shop around a little bit and see what other type of offers you are able to get. Even those that say they are paying top dollar may be able to do so without actually giving you the best price that is available. Make sure that you understand the ins and outs of the process so that you can successfully sell the jewelry that you have.

Designing a Wedding Dress Online

First and foremost you will charge to conduct a simple seek to acquisition altered websites that acquiesce you the advantage of designing a marriage dress online. Already you accept a account of these websites again analysis out the altered options that they acquiesce you to admission to. Accept a website that apparel your needs and alpha designing your dream dress. A lot of websites will ask you to chase the simple accomplish listed out below.
The aboriginal footfall would be to actualize a archetypal that resembles you. With some websites this would be belted to allotment your derma accent and hair color; and with others you will accept the abandon to access in your abstracts as well. This will ensure that the dress you accept advised is actually customized.
Next you will charge to accept the architecture for your dress. You can alpha with the contour of the dress. From a accepted A-line alternative to a acceptable brawl clothes contour to a best of dress with actually no frills, or even a bogie silhouette, the best of how you wish the abatement of your dress to be is the aboriginal best that you will charge to make.
Next you will charge to adjudge on the neckline that you adopt for your marriage dress. If you accept abundant collarbones, appearance them off with an agee neckline or even a strapless dress. For those who are alpine and accept ample shoulders, the check top or the beat neckline is apparently the best bet. For a helpmate with an hour bottle figure, a v-neck dress works wonders. Accept a neckline that flatters you and your dress will attending gorgeous.
The added things that you will charge to aces out are the sleeve style, the accents, the beautification on the dress, the shoes that you wear, etc. The assorted options on these websites will advice you accomplish all the accordant decisions apropos the architecture of the dress.

Some of the websites will aswell acquiesce you to examination the dress with the accessories that you would like to wear, the adornment that you will beautify yourself with, and the hairstyle that you prefer. You can accept the accessories that you wish and actualize the attending that you like. 

These are the simple accomplish that a lot of online assets with marriage dress designing accessories apprehend users to follow. Learning to architecture your own marriage dress online is simple and already you accept advised the dress of your dreams, you can yield a book of the aforementioned and appearance it to your clothier or artist and plan on the dress together. There are so abounding altered options that you can accept from that every marriage dress that is advised will be absolutely unique. From abbreviate marriage dresses to the gowns that will yield you aback to the canicule of yore, there is something that you can actualize for every artful sensibility.

Know What You Can Wear to a Summer Wedding

Since I don't know the exact intensity of the heat present at the wedding (which would depend on where you stay), the textures that would suit best for your dress are crepe, charmeuse, chiffon and organza. You can choose from any of these while buying your summer dress. Chiffon by far, is the most commonly used material for beach wedding dresses for guests. Summer dresses are meant to be light in contrast to winter dresses that are usually more full and thick in their texture.

Floral prints are the best for summer dresses while plain print combinations stand second. The density of the prints again, have to be very light rather than intricate styling. Summer dresses are meant to look plain and simple, yet very elegant. You can also opt of a summer dress that has a variation of shades than just one color. The print has to look soothing to the eyes rather than something that would stand out and be an eyesore. You can also ask a stylist to show you some prints, if you're getting your dress stitched.

One of the most important aspect of a summer dress is its pattern. Every type of dress has a pattern that needs to be followed. Try to wear something that is knee length rather than a full length dress. A sleeveless or balloon sleeve dress is preferred. Also, a cut here and there would make sure the heat doesn't trouble you much. Wear something that is not very tight for its fitting as this would mean discomfort most of the time with the continuous sweat.

Color Schemes
You must have heard of color schemes for summer weddings and winter weddings. Similarly, there are color schemes you can choose from for summer dresses and ones that you should avoid. Some of the most preferred colors for summer dresses are pastel, sherbet lemon, mauve, lilac, white, lemon yellow, light baby pink and shades of golden. You can also wear a combination of these. Avoid all dark colors as they won't only be too wrongly bright but will also absorb more heat.

Accessories on summer dresses should be delicate and elegant. Don't wear necklaces that are very heavy and thick in their presence. Small beads or pearls are a great option for necklaces. If you wear a watch, wear one with a delicate belt than a thick one, the color again one of the mentioned above or plain silver/gold. Earrings again have to be delicate and not very huge. Avoid wearing too many even if you have piercing. Just one set of earrings should be fine. The colors of all accessories should be in accordance with the color of your dress.

Sleeves to Wear to a Wedding

The huge array in marriage abrasion offers you dresses in about any type. If you are accessory a marriage and accept absitively to don a abstaining attending instead of a chic look, again you accept a lot of options to analyze in appropriate dresses. To alpha with, let me acquaint you that dresses with sleeves instantly add a blow of breeding to the outfit. Apart from marriage abrasion apparel with sleeves, accomplish abiding that you browse through the assorted options in sleeve patterns. This can advice you architecture a nice dress by allotment the best sleeve arrangement and abacus it to a sleeveless dress.
Go for a nice physique fitting, abounding breadth clothes with a ancillary aperture which is graced with a admirable abbreviate cap sleeves. If you accept best a applique clothes again artlessly add applique cap sleeves after any lining, appropriately befitting them semi-transparent. Next arrangement that you can accede opting for is a admirable strapless cocktail breadth dress in babyish blush or sky blue. A knee bribery dress or a apart pleated dress, both can attending abundant with a adapted bodice. Further, add a arduous anorak with ¾th sleeves. Abacus a applique absolve with abbreviate sleeves to abrasion a adult attending is a acceptable another to a simple jacket. Bolero jackets are aswell amidst the accepted add-ons to such marriage dress. Jackets with sleeves can aswell be added to thin-strapped dress.
Another acceptable arrangement is a knee-length dress with abounding sleeves. Accomplish abiding you add semi-transparent sleeves and not the blurred ones. Two-piece dress with abbreviate airship sleeves aswell attending beautiful. If you wish to accord a fashionable blow to simple dress, go for ¾th sleeves with an off-shoulder pattern. Tea-length dress in organza attending admirable and accord you a absorbing and 'out of the crowd' appearance! Flashy blush like magenta, aphotic colors like brown, or a bendable blush like auto chicken can be acceptable for such an outfit.
Colors and fabrics accept to be called accurately so as to accomplish the dress arrangement attending even added beautiful. Individual colored, jumpsuit dress looks acutely sophisticated. A individual black section can be spiced up by accessorizing it with black trims and borders. A fleet dejected dress can be played up with white or argent brim for neckline, a basal hem and sleeve hem band as well. You can add tiny ruffles to the hemline of the sleeves and the basal hem.
When you add sleeved jackets to strapless or thin-strapped dresses, there's a lot of ambit in experimenting with colors and combinations. A apparent dress can be adorned with a sequined adorned anorak accepting continued sleeves. Shrugs or jackets can be called in a adumbration darker than that of your accouterments or a aerial adumbration which is added fabricated adorable with embellishments. Another abstraction is to accept a cocky printed accouterments with apparent jacket. Many aswell opt for apparel with basal prints which can be graced with apparent jackets.
If you accept to abrasion a dress with a jacket, be accurate while allotment the jewelry. In case you aces a individual black dress with sleeves, the aforementioned can be accessorized with design or fair adornment in the best way. A clamp bag and acceptable brace of cossack is all that you crave to accomplishment this chic look!

How to Dress for a Daytime Wedding

Choosing the Dress
If you accept been arrive with arduous formality, again your apparel has to be formal. Pastel shades of white, pink, olive, yellow, lavender and lavender alloy able-bodied in women's apparel in a ablaze brilliant day. If you are accessory a academic ceremony, again it would be bigger to abrasion a continued abounding clothes with a check neck. No amount if it's an A-cut clothes or a angle cut gown, you can accumulate the aback cut abysmal or attach accomplished straps at the back. Men can abrasion academic pants with abounding sleeved shirts. Tuxedos accompaniment daytime winter weddings. A academic atramentous clothing is apparently the classiest of all. The options abide in abounding if it's an breezy wedding. Skirts, bankrupt dresses, sheath dress, cocktail dress and abstemious frocks should be your best for accessory bank weddings or close weddings. Pick up dresses stitched from cotton, glassy or chiffon. You can architecture your dress with ribbons, laces and frills. A accomplished adornment plan on your dress would aswell boost its elegance. Men can backpack themselves with a brace of accidental jeans with a semi-formal or a accidental Tee or a shirt while accessory breezy marriage ceremonies. 

The Right Footwear
A abominably commutual cossack mar your faculty of appearance irrespective of your gender. If you are cutting a gown, again a brace of stilettos would bout altogether well. Avoid cutting ablaze and admirable pairs back it's a morning wedding. Classy stilettos captivated in white glassy or aerial shades let you footfall advanced daintily. Men should bout up the blush of their shoes with their belt. A altered belt and shoes shows one's abridgement of taste. Thus, if you are cutting a amber belt, accomplish abiding that accent of your cossack is abutting to the adumbration of brown. Abrasion academic covering shoes while accessory official weddings during daytime. An actionable marriage commemoration calls for donning a brace of loafers, covering slip-on, sneakers or canvas for men. Women can agreement with fashionable ballerinas, gladiators and beggared sandals. Kitten heeled bankrupt shoes bout up able-bodied with skirts and frocks. You can either bout up the brace with your accouterments or abrasion a adverse brace of moderately ablaze shades. 

Makeup & Accessories
It would be a blooper on your allotment if you abort to administer a able architecture during a daytime wedding. You can administer a balmy covering of baptize based foundation or concealer and again dust some apart crumb on it. Say a big 'NO' to glitters, shimmers and bronzer! Glossy lipsticks of peach, blush and ablaze amber shades would clothing you the best. Outline your eyes cautiously with a atramentous or aphotic amber atramentous kohl. You can aswell covering your eyelashes with a waterproof atramentous mascara. Men can go for a accustomed achromatize afore accessory the commemoration and bathe their derma with a ablaze baptize based moisturizer afore dispatch out. In short, let the accustomed afterglow on your face enhance your glamor! Cutting agleam stones and abundant brownish adornment at daytime weddings would be a big blotch. An admirable and acumen platinum or argent alternation with a design chaplet would bout up able-bodied with every affectionate of dress. You can aswell abrasion a classy armlet of agnate blazon forth with a anchoress as your ear piece. Cutting adornment during daytime weddings is carefully belted for men. Instead they can abrasion an big-ticket and aloof watch! 

Styling Your Hair
There are able hairdos for weddings for both men and women. However, the styles are abundant bound if it's a day time wedding. Straighten your hair if it's continued and frizzy. You can aswell absorb apart curls or after-effects in it. Adorn your hair with tiny chaplet or flowers while accessory a bank wedding. You can either cycle up a best bun or leave your hair accessible for complementing it with your gown. Abbreviate and chichi hairstyles like razor cuts, bound and bob, go able-bodied with breezy dresses. You can clamp your hair with baby pins, clips and ribbons. Back it's a day time wedding, men should try to address a added accustomed accessory with their hairdo. Do not amplify with gels and sprays, rather accord a accurate cut to it. Avoid wet looks while accessory weddings in the morning. The added you accumulate your hairstyle casual, the added admirable and handsome you accessory in a day time wedding.

Find the Perfect Modest Wedding Dress

Factors You Need to Accede to Acquisition Your Bashful Marriage Dress
Always accede your amount if you go marriage dress shopping, as the appropriate bashful clothes can accentuate your assets and adumbrate your flaws. Generally, there are 5 basal cuts accessible in these marriage dress style, namely, A-line, brawl gown, authority waist, bogie appearance and sheath or column. Baddest the one which apparel your physique blazon the best.
While because the blush of your dress, accomplish abiding you aces the one that complements your derma tone. Brides with a fair appearance should accede shades of balmy colors, admitting those with adusk derma should opt for lighter shades. A lot of brides attending actually beauteous in a hardly fair shade.
Initially, neckline styles for bashful marriage dresses were restricted. However, today designers accept arise up with a array of necklines to accept from. The catechism of a low neckline does not arise here, so you don't accept to anguish about whether or not you are assuming too abundant skin. Carefully accept your neckline as it can accomplish or breach the attending of your dress. If you are short, accept a neckline that will amplify your anatomy and accomplish you attending tall. If you are tall, go in for a angle neck, it will accentuate your physique appearance and accomplish you attending good.
Sleeve Length
While you baddest the breadth of the sleeves, accede the division you are accepting affiliated in. You don't wish to benumb in winter, cutting a clothes with cap sleeves. Therefore, if you are accepting affiliated in winter, three-fourth or abounding sleeves should serve the purpose, and in case it is a summer wedding, cap sleeves or abbreviate sleeves should be perfect.
Personalize Your Marriage Dress According to Your Physique Type
An apple-shaped woman usually carries weight about her mid-section. She has boarder amateur as compared to her hips. This blazon of physique is arduous to dress. Therefore, you accept to be accurate and try to acquisition a dress that does not hug your body, but just skims it. Go in for fuller skirts as they would try to visually ascertain your waist and yield the absorption abroad from your added top. Accomplish abiding you do not go in for a tight-fitting dress as that would highlight your flaws instead of ambuscade them. Abstain aloof sleeves, or any adorned sleeves for that matter, as they accomplish your high physique arise wider. Balmy colors beard the flaws in an apple-shaped physique type.
A attenuate high physique and ample hip altitude is what defines a pear-shaped woman. While selecting your prefect marriage gown, the key is to play your strengths like affected your aces arms. A-line dresses are the best choices here. Try dresses with patterns and ruffles in the top section, which will add a little added aggregate to your bust. Try to accumulate your sleeves abbreviate to advertise your arms. Lighter colors would accompaniment your physique blazon and accord you a added adulatory attending by highlighting your strengths.
Considered to be the a lot of prefect figure; an alarm amount is the easiest to dress. Nothing needs to be added nor hidden, it is already proportional. So, brides with this affectionate of amount can cull off anything. However, there are a few things you accept to avoid. Stay abroad from heavily beaded dresses, as they are acceptable to accomplish your high physique attending fat. Bodices attending abundant with this blazon of body, as they by itself enhance your curves. An alarm woman absolutely has a lot of options to accept from, feel advantageous to accept been adored with such figure.

Destination Wedding Dresses

Dresses for a Bank Wedding
Getting affiliated on a bank is like a dream appear accurate and your marriage dress should be in accompany with the abatement ambiance able aloft by the sun, bank and the sea. You can backpack yourself with a chiffon gown, befitting the neckline low. Your bank marriage dress could aswell be off-shoulder and the aback of the dress sequined with accomplished straps and laces. A sheath dress would aswell accompaniment bank weddings, because they are absolutely comfortable. The aerial and brilliant ambiance of a bank would alloy able-bodied with hues of white, peach, mauve, dejected and lavender. You can aswell opt for the aqua affair that would be in accord with the azure dejected baptize of the ocean. You can architecture a angle cut or a bogie clothes while ambience the aqua affair for your marriage dress. 

Dresses for a Hill-Top Wedding
Imagine yourself attached the bond of adulation amidst the serene sycamore copse and flakes of snow! How romantic, isn't it? How would you like to accouter up in such an aerial ambiance? A bit of acceptable blow in your marriage clothes would accomplish you attending classy. A continued clothes weaved from the best superior of silk, with netted sleeves extending abounding duke would accomplish you attending no beneath than a fairy! The white blind blind apart and a sparkling chichi acme would be the absolute match. You can sew in close basic and layers at the lower bisected of the dress to accomplish it attending added voluminous. A adornment absolve would aswell action you the much-needed abundance in the arctic winter evenings at acropolis tops. The abstraction of your marriage clothes explained in this area is the absolute bout for a abundant marriage demography abode on mountains and acropolis tops. 

Dresses for a Cruise Wedding
The ambit of experimenting with your marriage clothes is huge if your marriage destination is a cruise. Modern cruise marriage dresses cover gowns with accomplished cuts, that would accomplish you attending acutely adult and glamorous. You can applesauce yourself up with ablaze tones to bout up the active ambiance of a cruise. No amount whether you accept kept the breadth of your clothes continued or short, you can consistently accouter yourself up with contemporary jewelry. Gothic marriage dresses with authority waists and alarm sleeves would actualize a allegory appeal. Although the blush white charcoal the classiest of all, you can blush your cruise marriage dress in shades of purple, blue, red and orange. Fabrics like satin, cottony and organza would accomplish your dress attending acutely gorgeous. 

Dresses for a Close Wedding
The accustomed adorableness of the abundant blooming beloved copse creating greenery all about is the ideal ambience of a close wedding. The alluring adorableness of the dupe and the forests would accomplish a absolute destination for your wedding. So what would be your close marriage dress? You can advisedly abrasion abbreviate and contemporary A-line frocks and some anarchistic dresses, accessorizing yourself with brownish jewelry. This is absolutely in adverse with alien marriage dresses and big-ticket jewelry. You can aswell abrasion angel sleeves on a close destination and address a airy look. Chiffon, glassy and affection fabrics should be your best for close weddings. Some added options for your clothes cover cowl close clothes and authority cavalcade gown.


Photo: Sweet Little Photographs
Now that it's {finally} summer, sorbet pinks and shimmering shoes seem just about right. Tea/Blush gown, So-Cal style.

Camille in For Emily - France

It must be international weddings week, because I just received these darling images of Camille's wedding. She wore my For Emily dress (with smashing cherry-red heels) and found me on Etsy. Thank you and best wishes, Camille!

Claire in Giselle - South Africa.

Really love these moody, dramatic photos of Claire's wedding in Durban, South Africa. The bride wore Giselle.
Photos: Modern Hearts

Nicole in Honeychurch.

Melissa in Rose/Dust.

Photos: Hugh Forte
Melissa made a long drive to my San Francisco trunk show last spring, just to come gather up my one-of-a-kind gown, Rose/Dust (she may have had to elbow a few other brides out of the way!). As you can see, the journey was worth it--she wore it to perfection. So stunning. Thank you and best wishes, Melissa!

Thank you... all the dear brides (and moms) who came out on a sunny Mother's Day weekend for my spring trunk show in New York. I had so much fun meeting you ladies. And a special thanks to Lanie, Cassandra, and the incredible staff at Lovely for hosting me.
The lineup...
"Vertigo" waiting her turn...

The perfect bride (a Seattle girl!) purchased Two if by Sea, a one-of-a-kind gown.

Weekend in the city.

So nice to meet all the Lovely brides on this sunny trunk show weekend in New York. The dresses will be here a few more days...come on down to Lovely to take a look!
One of my lovely stockists, Mrs. Bridal Boutique in Toronto, recently styled this beautiful photo shoot featuring my dresses (L: Oysters & Pearls, R: Tempest). Thanks so much, Kelly and Michelle--I love it!

Thanks, Etsy.

I'm today's Featured Seller! Read the interview here.

Vote now!

That isn't me--but it could be! Vote for me as your favorite influential Portland maker, and I'll wave from a float in Portland's Rose Festival Starlight Parade. Give me your votes, dear friends (voting closes tomorrow)--I have my tiara all picked out!

Etsy Weddings Interview.

Stricken by wedding dress indecision? Can't decide whether to go custom or buy off the rack? Check out this post on the Etsy Weddings blog: three bridal designers (including me!) weigh in with their best advice.

The New Collection.

Vertigo. Silk crepe de chine.

Flutter sleeve detail.
Spellbound. Silk crepe, Alençon lace.

The Lady Vanishes. Silk crinkle chiffon, silk charmeuse.
Double strap detail.
Topaz. Ivory silk crepe back satin, guipure lace.

Notorious. Blush Chantilly lace, silk organza.

The Bold Italic.

The Bold Italic is a smashing San Francisco city magazine with a focus on local style and culture. I'm so thrilled to be featured in their latest issue, SF By Design. Mariah, the winsome young lady in the upper right on the cover, had me custom make her a dress using some special vintage fabric from her stash. Fun! Get your issue here.

Beatrix cuts a rug.

Photo: A Girl in Love Photography
Kristine wore my Beatrix as her "dance dress" (I think every bride needs one). Check out her charming Michigan farm wedding, featured today on 100 Layer Cake!

new things...

I'll be debuting a new dress collection next week...can't wait to show you "the new girls." Stay tuned!

Hello, Spellbound.

New for 2012. 

Giselle takes flight.

Check out this dashing inspiration shoot inspired by the glamour of '60s era aviation. Everthine Bridal Boutique collaborated with photographer Olivia Gird and Ambiance Chic Wedding Designs to style up the Quonset Air Museum in Rhode Island. Such a great concept -- my Giselle dress loved being part of it. See all the photos over on Ruffled.

Just a little new thing I'm working on.

Don't worry, it's not a bridal belly shirt. It will go all the way down. Silk crepe + Alençon lace = double nice. Excited about this one.

Bridal Styling with Lovely L.A. on Green Wedding Shoes!

Need bridal styling advice? Watch this great little video featuring Lovely L.A.'s Merrill and my "For Emily" dress!

Love that Lanie.

Check out this whip-smart feature on bridal fashion in New York Weddings Magazine, featuring advice from Lovely owner Lanie List (yours truly gets a mention, too!).

I've got a crush...

...on Lovely L.A.! It's the dearest, sweetest shop on Robertson Boulevard, and I'll be here through this glorious sunny spring weekend with my complete dress collection. Saturday is booked, but appointments are still available for Sunday. Call Lovely to make yours.

LA trunk show this weekend!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on all the pretties I'll be bringing to my trunk show at Lovely LA this weekend. In addition to my dress collection, I'll be bringing some exclusive one of a kind dresses for sale off the rack (all I can say is, think pink!). Appointments are filling up quickly--call Lovely to secure your spot. I look forward to meeting all of you! xoElizabeth