Maternity Wedding Dresses

As a little girl, did you dream about the perfect wedding? If you did, chances are you pictured yourself in the perfect wedding dress. Now that you are expecting a baby you may worry you can't have that perfect wedding or perfect wedding dress. But with so many beautiful maternity wedding dresses currently available your dream dress may be more of an option than you think. Just make sure you keep in mind some of these tips for purchasing a gorgeous maternity wedding dress and you will soon be the bride of your dreams.

First, determine what style of wedding you want and feel free to pick a dress that fits that style. If you want a grand, traditional wedding, feel free to choose an elegant, elaborate wedding gown with a few alterations for your growing tummy. If you prefer a simple, low-key wedding, choose a simple, elegant dress. Also, accessorize in any way that fits within your style. If you feel a little bit self-conscious about your dress, choose a beautiful veil, earrings, bracelets, and a necklace. If you want to show off your baby bump choose a dress with beading and embellishments on the bodice. Whatever your style you shouldn't feel you should have to choose any specific dress or gown style. The most important rule is to choose something you love and something you feel beautiful wearing.

Second, decide what color you want. Traditionally, white was chosen to represent purity and "maidenhood." In modern society, white simply represents elegance and sophistication, so feel free to wear white if you want to. Also, if a white wedding dress isn't what you pictured, feel free to wear color. The great thing is, there are no set rules regarding maternity wedding dresses. If you opt to wear colors other than white, shades like ivory, champagne, silver, blush pink, and light pastels look chic and modern. Choose a color you love or stick with a traditional white gown.

Finally, wear your dress with confidence. This is your big day, and you should enjoy it looking elegant, gorgeous, and most of all, confident. Whatever dress you choose, you'll look beautiful if you work the look. Don't feel as if you should be subtle or subdued (unless that would always be your preference). This is your big day, and you should rock your look with confidence. Work your pregnancy glow, and enjoy your big day.

Even though being pregnant for your wedding may not be what you had in mind, you can still have the beautiful wedding you always dreamed of and of course this includes the wedding dress you always dreamed of. There are so many maternity wedding dresses available so you can choose the style, color, and fabric that you love and that best suites your needs. A beautiful dress can make any pregnant woman feel elegant and special for that big day. Make sure you know what you are looking for, do your homework, and follow these tips to get the maternity wedding dress of your dreams.

Glamorous Lace Wedding Dresses

There's only been six months of tireless speculation and hundreds of exhausted journalists who tried to unravel the mystery of who would design the princess Kate's wedding dress.Kate Middleton's gorgeous royal wedding gown has placed the spotlight on beautiful bridal lace. Long a favorite of brides, royal or otherwise, there is nothing quite like exquisite lace for a wedding gown.I'm sure you must have get inspired with this glamorous wedding dresses.

The royal bridal gown had lace on the bodice and skirt, but it was the sheer lace sleeves that left people gasping.Happily, many bridal designers already offer many elegant gowns featuring those gorgeous sleeves. Priscilla of Boston has several stunning gowns with lace in their collection. One of the loveliest is actually a silk ballgown with a removable lace jacket. That is an excellent option for brides who wish to have the look of the lace sleeves for the ceremony, but want a strapless dress for the reception.

Designer Elizabeth Fillmore is another to offer a wedding gown with lace sleeves.

She shows a dress which has all-over lace in a soft fluid style. The sleeves are to the elbow, rather than full length, and the vibe is far less formal and traditional than some of the other lace gowns. Elizabeth Fillmore's lace dress is more vintage-romantic than princess-grand. It would be lovely for a bride getting married in an historic mansion, a beautiful garden, or even a wooded clearing.

For brides who really do want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, the Legends by Romona Keveza may have just what you are looking for.

She has a gown in her collection which is a cross between two of the loveliest-ever royal brides: Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly.The lace used is very delicate and feminine. Pair this gown with an opulent set of crystal and pearl bridal jewelry and a lace edge veil.

There are also some gorgeous lace bridal gowns available within a fairly affordable price range. Wtoo Brides makes a very sweet lace wedding dress with elbow length sheer lace sleeves. The gown has a lovely scalloped neckline and a sophisticated modified trumpet silhouette.The Pronovias line also includes a moderately priced wedding dress with elbow length sleeves over a traditional strapless wedding gown. The sweetheart neckline is quite pretty, making this a wonderful choice for a bride who likes classic lines paired with romantic lace.

These are just a few of the stunning options for royal-inspired wedding gowns. Brides who are getting married in 2012 will surely find even more fabulous lace sleeved bridal gowns appearing in the shops by fall.Every bride should ensure that the attire chosen is comfortable so that she is at ease in all the activities of that special day.

Custom Wedding Dresses - The Plus-Sized Woman's Solution

Custom wedding dresses are the perfect solution for those who would much rather forgo the agony of going through hundreds and hundreds of wedding gowns in different locations, and having to choose from ones you're not quite sold on just because they're the only ones that fit. If you're a plus-sized woman, or one whose dress size is hard to match, it's already hard enough finding clothes that fit, gowns and formal wear even more so- imagine just how hard it is to find the perfect wedding dress.

No More Trying On Hundreds!

Not all of us are the standard size, although a few are luckier than most to be able to find good choices among dresses off the rack. But for those who already have a hard time in this thin-obsessed world, it can be much better to save one's self the torture of making the attempt- custom wedding dresses can save brides-to-be from heartbreak and wasted time. After all, you've still got a wedding to plan if you want everything to be perfect!

Get Recommendations- But Know What Works On You

Whether you're going with a famous designer or someone who's just starting out in the field, it's always good to know what you want and what looks best on you when getting custom wedding dresses made- and then make sure it's what you get. Of course, an experienced designer may be able to make very good recommendations depending on your size, shape and personality, but it is always best to have an idea of what you want before you go.

If you are going with a dressmaker who will just be following specifications for your choice of custom wedding dresses this becomes even more important. The first rule is to make sure you know your own shape so you can decide on a design that works best for your figure. A-line dresses, for instance, flatter curvier figures, while V-necklines flatter busty women more than other necklines. Full ball-gown skirts, on the other hand, can make one look rounder, and post-calf-length hemlines can make women look short and heavy.

Comfort Is Key

The number one rule with custom wedding dresses is that you have to like yours. After all, even the most beautiful and pricey gown will look strange if you keep fidgeting, tugging on it, or showing obvious signs of discomfort. Choose fabrics that don't just look good, they should also make you feel good - you should be able to talk, move, dance, and most of all, smile and laugh on the happiest day of your life!

Celebrate Your Shape

Well-designed and well-made custom wedding dresses will focus not on disguising your figure, but showing it off at its best - your body is something to celebrate, not hide. After all, it's an important part of you- and that's what a wedding is all about!

Looking for a custom bridal gown? Tatiana Porembova is one of the leading wedding dress designers in London and her work spans a range of styles and influences. Based in Richmond, she creates beautiful wedding and bridesmaid outfits to provide the perfect garments for the perfect day.

Modest wedding dress

From the time you have been a youthful girl, you possibly imagined getting a bright wedding celebration attire very much like your mother's while you looked at her wedding celebration pics for that hundred and fifteenth time. many years later, it is time to pick which bright attire is perfect for the specific day. You spend a visit to one bridal store best after an extra and browse a sea of white, eggshell, ivory and ecru wedding celebration dresses. for the dismay they all start to glimpse likewise while for the shock you dare contemplate other colors! can you betray your small woman dreams inside the best bright dress? can you abandon many years of fantasizing concerning the pure and wholesome photo that the bright attire represents in your extended awaited wedding celebration day? Would a unsual color wedding celebration attire portray you in unappealing light?

Beach weddings are informal contrasted with their church counterparts. This helps make poufy headpieces and complete formal skirts inappropriate in as much as beach top weddings are concerned. Sleek casual attire is required instead. This does not make beach top weddings gloomy or unattractive. What this whole implies could possibly be the reality which you will should try some thing one of a kind in conditions for the attire. A alter all through the normal regalia to wit wedding celebration gowns is for that reason imperative. Beachy wedding celebration clothing are informal. They are elegant. Normally, these clothing have scanty product for the upper element for the body. These wedding celebration clothing have one of a kind styles. Some are strapless while other people have sleeves just in circumstance one prefers to include up a little. one attribute of them all could possibly be the reality which they are slim.

Now that beachy wedding celebration clothing are informal, a wedding celebration veil is in most instances not needed. If one would such as the veil however, she can nevertheless obtain a gown that fits her need. treatment should really owning mentioned that be used to match up the dress. you can possibly positioned on rhinestone studded barrettes, a frizzy hair strap as well as positioned on flowers. several of those clothing could possibly be easy while other people could possibly be complicated. obviously complexity translates to increased cost in comparison in the direction of the easy dresses. for individuals who are placing on a easy dress, you will telephone call for just about any easy shoe to go with it. Some brides although create a decision to go barefooted.

The environment can be an essential element to look at when preparing for just about any beach top wedding. you can possibly be owning one of the most beneficial for the obtainable beachy wedding celebration clothing but harsh environment could ruin your momentous occasion. It could possibly be considered a reality the fact that ocean invites wind and also this could possibly be considered a tremendous blow to every one of the programs which you could have founded for the large day. should really you really feel the wind tossing you veil or dress, you could should look at some thing different. you can also alter the setting. This owning mentioned that may deliver some inconveniences with it and some extra expenses too. all through the occasion, for individuals who are placing on a hat, pin it securely lest it is tossed or blown from the wind.

If it is ordinarily chilly all through the four weeks for the yr you plan to preserve your wedding, ensure you look on the kind of gown that will run favored in your circumstance among the the pretty several beachy wedding celebration clothing available. A strapless gown are steering to be proper and at ease in cozy weather. for individuals who anticipate a chilly time period on the time of your wedding, it is advised which you purchase a gown that addresses most factors for the body. To compliment the gown you choose you could desire to hold flowers. If these do not run for you, you could try a simpler bouquet. These could possibly be carried in an extremely basket.

If you desire to plan your non-public beach top wedding celebration or one more theme associated wedding, there are lots of recommendations ensure you understand earlier to preparing your wedding. You can spend less many bucks using the best tips.

Fabulous Wedding Dresses Need Fabulous Hairstyles

As a bride on your wedding day you aim to look and feel the most amazing you have ever done. It is after all your special day and whilst the wedding dress and other accessories have been sorted months ago it's now time to focus on how you will be wearing your hair.

When considering how you are going to wear your hair on your big day you should take into consideration the style of your wedding gown and your personality. There are hundreds of different looks and styles to go for depending on the length of your hair and its texture and volume. Whether you are aiming for a formal, relaxed or casual is also a deciding factor, as is the shape of your face.

Oval shaped faced brides can relax as they are fortunate enough that they can wear virtually any hair style. Brides with heart-shaped and square faces should avoid long straight styles. Heart-shapes should opt for side partings and soft curls. Curls and waves also look great on square-shaped faces as it gives a softer look, whereas round-faced brides should avoid volume and curls as this adds width. Sleeker styles pulled away from the face would be much more appropriate as they are a perfect shape for high 'Updos'.

Just like your accessories your hairstyle should complement your wedding gown. The style of your wedding dress is important, for example if you're having an elaborate dress then a hippy look hairstyle would look out of place, whereas a formal yet simple sleek chic chignon would keep the centre of attention on your gown. Particularly great if your dress features lots of embellishments on your bodice. Wedding dresses that are strapless teamed with an 'Updo' will emphasise your neck and shoulders and show off your facial features. An 'Updo' hairstyle would look beautiful if your dress has spaghetti or halterneck straps and they are generally a good style to support your veil if you are having one.

If you have very long hair then wearing it down is the perfect option if you are looking for a more casual look. You could opt to have the ends curled to give it a romantic look or big barrel curls to add volume. A few brides will go for a half up and half down hairstyle, with the front sides pulled back and fastened and the remaining hair usually curled. This hairstyle works with most bridal gowns and gives a fuller look yet keeping the hair off your face whilst showing off your wedding gown in its full glory. Brides with short hair can adorn their hair with the many accessories that are available on the market or could even go for some hair extensions.

Consider how different hair accessories that you would like to wear on your day would fit into the hairstyle you fancy. It may surprise you but veils can actually be quite heavy, especially if they are long and tiered. Check your hairstyle will be strong enough to withstand the weight if you decide to have your hair up. Veils look beautiful at the best of times and for many ladies turn a dress into a wedding dress and in turn, them into a bride! They look especially stunning in curled hair that has been swept up or is in a half up and down style. You could wear your veil lower down at the back of your nape, underneath your 'Updo'. Flowers on a clip or pins, or even a crown look fabulous in a loose hippy style 'updo' or with tumbling loose curls. Headbands work well with chic sleek styles and tiaras which come in an array of styles and colours look lovely with the traditional style 'Updos'.

Think about the theme and style of your wedding. A fancy formal wedding at a swanky hotel would suit a sleek updo. An informal wedding would suit a more relaxed loose style.

It is of course your decision on how you wear your hair but do make sure you are comfortable with it. It should be a reflection on you and your individual personality. If you usually wear your hair down the your friends and family may find it a bit odd to see worn tightly pulled back off your face. It's probably not the best of ideas to go for a really wild and out of character hairstyle for your wedding day. Your husband to be wants to see you greeting him at the altar not a bride he doesn't recognise!

Discuss your ideas with your hairdresser, they know your hair and what will work well. If possible do have a trial run, with your accessories at least once before your wedding day too.

Last Minute Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding a wedding dress at short notice can be an overwhelming thought! Many modern couples are deciding to get married very shortly after they get engaged, so sometimes a time-frame of just a few months or even weeks is becoming more common. There might be a particular reason for this, such as an illness in the family, booking the only available dates at a favourite venue, other plans that mean you need to get married right away and so on. Or perhaps you just can't see a reason to wait! Whatever your reason for a swept-off-your-feet wedding, one of the first things you'll be wanting to do is find a wedding dress. This might seem like a herculean task, and many traditional bridal shops will tell you it's impossible, but don't despair - it is absolutely possible if you know what to do!

Traditional bridalwear stores tend to suggest that you give yourself between 6 months and a year to find your perfect wedding gown - this is so adjustments and fittings can be booked, or the right size shipped in etc. While browsing these stores can give you a firm idea of what kind of dress you're after, many simply won't be able to provide you with a gown at short notice, so looking elsewhere is your first step to finding a late-notice wedding dress.

Your options include non-wedding clothing stores, vintage wedding dresses and wedding dress factory outlets:

The high street is sometimes a great place to start, and larger department stores often stock wedding gowns at affordable prices. But these tend to be rather limited, generic and might not cater for smaller or larger dress-sizes.

If you can find a vintage dress that fits, then fantastic! Many vintage dresses are often in very slim sizes, however, so may narrow down your options. Perhaps you have a family heirloom of a gown that could be adjusted to fit you?

Finally, wedding dress factory outlets are great places to find affordable designer wedding dresses in a huge range of styles. These outlets buy end-of-line, one-off and ex-display/catwalk bridalwear and are able to sell on to the customer at greatly reduced prices. Sometimes you can save up to £1500 on a top designer dress! They may also work with new or specialised designers who offer their gowns at reduced cost. This option gives you the greatest choice, with larger outlets stocking up to 700 dresses in a variety of styles and sizes.

Wherever you find your dress, you will most likely need to have it altered in some way. Even 'off-the-peg' dresses may not fit perfectly. But hiring a bridalwear seamstress is fairly cheap and easy to do, and you can get the work done with a quick turnaround if you start looking for your wedding gown as soon as you being planning your wedding.

Other top tips for anyone looking for a wedding dress at short notice include:

- Set aside a whole day for shopping and plan to visit just a few bridalwear stores rather than panicking and rushing round as many shops as possible.

- Don't rush! Take your time to research what type of gown you are after and be open to trying on lots of different styles.

- Take the advice of the staff and whoever you've brought along with you.

- If possible, do some research on the gowns available before you come into the store.

- Don't stress! Even if you don't find what you're looking for first time round, bridalwear stock changes frequently, and new wedding dresses will come in regularly. Chances are, in a week or two, there will be a whole new range for you to choose from.

Buying Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage style that gives a classic traditional look has attracted more and more consumers, and vintage wedding dresses are not exceptions. Being very elegant and feminine, vintage wedding dresses are becoming popular nowadays. Gown is one of the most important components of any wedding function, and choosing an appropriate one is usually tedious.

The objective of this article is to provide you with an insight on vintage wedding and the various styles of vintage wedding dress. Regardless of the reasons why you wish to make a vintage wedding, one thing for sure is that there are several others who are looking forward to give their wedding day a unique feel. Though vintage trend is hot right now, you are still able to find the perfect vintage dresses at affordable prices.

You can begin by visiting a local thrift shop or a vintage salon to get a feel of vintage style. If you are looking for second hand items, you can find vintage wedding dresses that are as little as $40 or over $400 depending on the conditions of the dresses. If you wish to have one that is custom made, prices typically range from $ 600 to over $ 1500. But, of course, there are always several ways available to find cheap alternatives, such as online shopping.

Before selecting any dress, it is always good to get yourself familiar with the various vintage wedding styles:

In the 1920s, it is common to have dresses embodied the flapper with fun dresses and hemlines that may make your mother blush. Lace, silks, and netting were quite popular in those days which are in line with the Art Deco movement.

Then, in the 1930's, sparkling rhinestones are the fashions. Hollywood played a major influence on the styles and designs. Dresses made from silk or satin were common then.

The 1940's brides loved to display a glamor look by wearing padded shoulders, sweetheart necklines and long point sleeves. Princess gowns were popular in the 1950s with wedding dresses usually designed in ballerina styles and full skirts. Being elegant and clean, you can borrow something from the 1930's Hollywood glamor and blend it to match the style you like.

Free love and the hippie lifestyle were the trend in the 1960s. Brides were more daring and more experimental as well as being more flirtatious. It is not uncommon to see brides wearing mini skirts. Lace was also popular during this period.

Then comes the 70s Hippie Wedding Dress. Usually made up of cotton or hemp, the hippie wedding dresses symbolized reunion with nature. Women during those period worn dresses that was as colorful and flowery as they can get.

Searching for a vintage wedding dress can be more fun than finding any other types of modern dresses. Vintage includes fashions from the past and each of them has their own unique styles. If you manage to find your perfect vintage dress, you will probably feel very satisfying and fulfilling as you have recreated something of the past. You will probably want to extend vintage to your other accompanying accessory items too.

Custom Wedding Dresses - Make Sure Your Bridal Gown Fits

Thank heavens for custom wedding dresses- with the number of affordable options these days, panicky brides no longer have to contend with hundreds of hours trying on hundreds of gowns looking for one that fits, looks good and is affordable.

With custom wedding dresses, brides can concentrate on all the other aspects of the big day- the decorations, music, food and entertainment and more. Still, getting a made-to-order wedding gown still involves a little effort to ensure that it's the perfect fit for you.

Make Sure It Fits Your Wedding Theme

One important consideration in having your dress made is the theme of your wedding- is it going to be romantic and traditional, or modern and avant-garde? Your wedding theme should dictate what the overall design of the dress will be. Having custom wedding dresses made ensures that you can have everything about your wedding "just so"- meaning, if you want a rather unusual, or at least uncommon, theme you won't have trouble finding a dress to match.

Make Sure It Fits Your Personality

Getting custom wedding dresses made specially for you gives you flexibility in choosing materials, patterns, lengths and other factors for your gown- it also gives you leeway in picking one that suits your character and personality. This, of course, means you should have an idea of what you want and what looks best on you. Let your designer make suggestions, but make sure that the final decision is yours, arrived at through your own will- not just because other people said so.

If you're like many people who are unsure of their own personal style and what looks good on, you should bring along a dress that you feel makes you look your best- the one you get the most compliments on when you're wearing it. Having this kind of reference of your personal style and what flatters you most can help shorten the discussions, and avoid long debates over the styles and other characteristics of the dress.

Make Sure It Fits YOU

The one thing you can expect with custom wedding dresses is that they will be a perfect fit; of course this entails having accurate measurements done on you leading up to your wedding day. If you are planning to lose weight for your wedding, you will need to tell tour designer - especially since most dresses are started/ordered at least six months before the wedding. A good dressmaker/designer will schedule at least three fittings to ensure that your dress will be perfect on the day itself.

The true test of how well custom wedding dresses fit is in how comfortable and confident you feel wearing it. Comfort and confidence in your dress goes a long way in making sure that you look your best on the big day- the way every bride should!

Looking for a custom bridal gown? Tatiana Porembova is one of the leading wedding dress designers in London and her work spans a range of styles and influences. Based in Richmond, she creates beautiful wedding and bridesmaid outfits to provide the perfect garments for the perfect day.

Wedding Dresses in Toronto

There is a reason why Toronto and Ontario are hot spots when it comes to shopping for wedding couture and other bridal niceties. Not only do Toronto stores offer customization and personalization in wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but they also offer the most efficient services to both walk-in store customers and customers that shop online. Wedding dresses in Toronto and Ontario are known for their variety in style and in material. There are many reasons why this part of Canada is known for their wedding couture creations. And even if you are from the far sides of the world, you could still avail of the dresses made in Toronto through online shopping and fast shipping that they offer. If you want to purchase bridal gowns in Toronto, you could just log in online and send in your desired design to them. You would be surprised at the rate that they will be able to accomplish and ship your gown.

It is important to remember that while there is indeed a very wide range of bridal gowns in Toronto, the perfect dress vary for different people.

The definition of the perfect wedding dress depends on the tastes and the style of the person who is soon to be wed. The main factor in choosing one's wedding dress is the theme that is central around the wedding. Couples tend to choose themes for their wedding. These themes are used as basis in choosing the wedding dress design, the event color palette, and the bridesmaid dress colors and designs. Toronto Dresses, Bridal and Beyond, Bella Bride, and Ritche Bridal—all located in Toronto—offer customers from all over the world the option of choosing and mashing wedding dress designs and bridal gowns design through the wide designs that they have available, for low prices. While other wedding couture stores charge extra for special services in gown adjustments, alterations, and additional designs, Toronto stores offer these same services along with their hailed charge. What is even better is that Toronto stores offer gowns that are custom made by famous designers around the world! Wedding gowns in Toronto could be ordered especially, too, even if you're from the opposite side of the world. Their cheap rates, despite the quality materials they use and the quality of their customized gowns and dresses for all occasions, are affordable and flexible, even for people with very tight budget and schedules. But the buck does not stop there, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are not the only dresses that Toronto couture stores are popular for. They also offer varied designs and styles of gowns for various occasions and celebrations. The dresses from this part of Canada could be altered to be used for other occasions even after the grand event is done!

Choosing gowns could be very hard work, especially for women who do not know where to shop and what to look for. The magic that Toronto wedding couture stores do is vital for so many women around the world today. Now, you could also afford of their quality services more conveniently online!

Unique Wedding Ideas - Corset Wedding Dresses for Modern Victorian Brides

Corset wedding dresses are perfect for today's modern bride who wants elegance with a bit of a sexy touch in achieving a timeless look. Corset styled gowns first appeared in the Victorian era, which is why some call these dresses Victorian wedding dresses. Back then, only the high-society ladies wore them, for corsets were extremely pricey and impractical for the average women who were mostly hard laborers. Those days are gone, and corsets are now highly sought fashion items.

Corset wedding dresses gives every bride a perfect figure. Let us be honest here: nobody has a perfect figure, really. A corset will highlight your assets while minimize the imperfections. For example, small-busted or heavy-busted brides will enjoy the push-up effect that the corsets give, keeping your bust in position. If you have a short upper body, choose a corset that gives creates an illusion of a longer upper body. If you are full-figured, corset bridal dresses will give you a firm fitting, creating an hourglass look.

You will be surprised to find that corset wedding dresses now come in a range of materials, from silk and satin to even velvet. Not only that, you can choose a corset back wedding dress, a full one-piece corset, or a two-piece dress with corset top. Corsets also match with different types of sleeves. Go for the classic look in strap-less gown, or royalty in long-sleeved gown. Full figured brides will find sleeveless corset gown with a slightly low "V" neckline very flattering. Or you can go for the Cinderella look with romantic puffy sleeves.

Have you considered corset wedding dresses in colors other than white? Thanks to modernization, white color is no longer the dictator color in weddings. Many modern brides are opting for wedding gowns in different colors. If you have different types of cuttings and sleeves, surely you can wear your favorite color corset wedding dresses on your wedding day. After all, it is your special day, so you get to decide what you really want to wear.

Because corsets are so versatile, you will find that you can wear them in gowns of almost any length, and you will look stunning. A full skirt with train is most fitting for a grand church ceremony. Tea length gowns give a fresh look and are suitable for either a garden or a beach wedding. Go for a dramatic look with a double layered gown in contrasting colors, such as white and red. Shimmer lace on a figure hugging gown exudes sensuality and sophistication. With corset wedding dresses, the list is long and the possibilities are endless

Choosing Colored Wedding Dresses

It has becoming more and more fashionable to break with tradition for many modern brides may want their wedding gowns to be unique and reflect their own styles, so choosing a colored wedding gown can be an admirable way to make impressive weddings. But there are some tips you may bear in mind when it comes to choosing the color of your bridal gown.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

Make sure the color of your wedding gown complements your skin tone and hair color. Some colors can enhance your coloring and some can not. For instance, colors like blue or brown may not be appropriate for dark skin brides as they will make your skins look darker, while bright shades will work well with you.

Wedding Theme

Consider your theme and color scheme of your wedding before choosing the color of your wedding gown. The hue of your wedding dress must be in harmony with the wedding ensembles, but it does not mean that the bride and bridesmaid should wear the gowns with the same color. If you are to hold an extremely formal wedding, you may not put on a wedding dress with a bold color.


Different colors may create different feelings and suit different wedding themes. A bridal dress in red can be dramatic while pink can be romantic and feminine. Hot pink is a color that makes brides look sexy and mature.


Choosing colors according to the season you wed. For example, a spring wedding may call for fresh shades of pink or light green, whereas an autumn wedding is well suited to a wedding gown with warm shades like red or orange.

Complementary Colors

Colored wedding dresses may not have to be big and bold. You can blend a little bit of complementary colors into your wedding dress to add that wow factor to your wedding day. For example, you can choose a bold red sash to decorate your pale pink wedding dress. Of course, the colors you are to select should be pleasing to the eye when mixed together. There are some color combos such as yellow and blue, red and green, black and white or red and white that all can create a stunning visual effect when combined.

Wedding Dresses vs Wedding Gown

There is an intriguing new trend on the wedding gown scene: the convertible bridal gown. This is a dress that is a traditional long gown for the wedding ceremony with a breakaway skirt which can be removed to create a shorter party dress for the reception. Learn more about this clever wedding gown design, and find out if a convertible wedding gown is right for you.

The first step to make this work, is to go through and invest the time into research. This research can help you to also find the best wedding dress!

The main places to do this research, is to look through wedding magazines, and even visit more than one wedding dress store.
I have found a better method.

One that will save both time, and money, and that is to go through the Internet to purchase a wedding dress.
The good news with this, is that you can research quicker, and find many more options. So, go through and do the research, because you can save big with this method!

To be honest, every girl holds a different touchstone in her mind for her perfect wedding gown. For some, the hottest fad is the best deal. While for others, mix-ups between the latest fashion sense and their own sketches are better. Also, there are some girls seeking for exotic or fantastic themes. They want to be completely different and make big impacts by their wedding appearances. This summer, bohemian wedding dress is exactly the hottest search online.

Ask Bridget for advice in areas of jewelry or weddings. She writes numerous articles providing information for the customers of Treat yourself and your bridal party to our fabulous Swarovski crystal bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and receive free shipping on your jewelry order over .

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A Guide To Types Of Wedding Dresses

There is usually a dizzying array of choices for a bride-to-be searching for her perfect wedding dress. To narrow down the range of selections, she can do so by studying the categories of gowns available. One way to categorize the gowns is by how formal they are. The level of formality of a wedding could affect the style of the wedding dress to be worn. Other factors would include the time of the big day and the season of the wedding. Weddings can be formal, semi-formal and informal. Understanding them provide a good starting point.

Formal weddings are obviously the most elaborate ones and thus the gowns for such wedding should also be very formal too. To appear glamorous and elaborate, heavy satins, peau de soie and shantung are usually chosen as the materials for the gowns. Longer trains and veils are also common for brides in formal weddings.

In contrast to formal weddings, gowns with shorter dresses or suits are usually worn in informal weddings. Generally edged from knee to mid-calf length, theses informal gowns may have some beading or lace trim, and of any good suit material, satin or beaded chiffon. Flowers in the bride's hair rather than veils are usually matched with informal gowns.

Do take note that wedding gowns are divided into several different basic types. These include Ball gown/Full skirt, hourglass, A-line/Princess, Sheath, Mermaid and Empire Waist. Each type has its own advantages and weaknesses. Some are more suitable for formal occasions while others more appropriate for causal settings.

So, what suits your body best?

Every bride has her own unique temperaments. Some prefer to look lovely and pretty, some like to appear glamorous sexy, while others want to be the maverick. Below herewith are a few common types of wedding gowns.

Ball Gown / Full Skirt
Ball gown type wedding gowns are recommended for ladies with body types being full figured, pear shaped and thin. It is also suitable for those who are petite or have an hour glass figure.

2-piece & corset dresses enhance the hourglass figure. Anything that accentuates the bride's waist is in. Beautiful ball gowns and corseted bodices normally work for the bust line as well. It is advisable not to have bridal bouquets that are too overwhelm and headpieces should not be overdone even if the ball gown itself is already elaborate.

A-Line / Princess
It is recommended for most body types except for ladies who do not have a defined waistline. As the name implies, an A-Line dress typically has a tapered top, sloped waist and flared skirt, and tend to flatter ladies who have figures that are heavier in the hips and waist.

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