Demetrios Wedding Dresses

Demetrios wedding dresses Demetrios James Elias was born near the port of Athens in Piraeus, Greece. As a young boy, he immigrated to the United States with his family. While still in school, he assisted his parents in their family-owned bridal store in Warren, Ohio.

In 1980, replica Demetrios wedding dresses Demetrios dream of owning his own company became a reality. He purchased Ilissa Bridals of New York City. Virtually overnight, he turned this small-unknown business into a thriving international company. Bridal boutiques throughout the world proudly sell Demetrios gowns. Today, the Demetrios brand is a prestigious leader in bridal fashion.

As designer and owner, copy Demetrios wedding gowns Demetrios is a fashion icon in the bridal gown industry. His gowns offer women the widest and most versatile styles, and are on the cutting edge of the fashion world. They have been showcased in all leading bridal magazines, including our own publication For The Bride. This leadership and expertise in bridal category marketing continues to expand.

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I must say that they do have a beautiful selection of gowns there to choose from, but I would defiantly buy my dress from somewhere else. If I hadnt fallen in love with a dress there I would not have done any kind of business with these people. I went in with a list of dresses that I had found on the website that I wanted to try on. I gave it to my consultant and she kind of blew it off, and only brought back 2 of the dresses I had asked for. So I then had to go and find them myself. She was repeatedly rude to me. First by acting like it was a pain to do anything, or acted if I was stupid if I asked any questions. Then she proceeded to tell me that I was a little on the heavy side. Which I am NOT! I am an average 59 and a size 9. I hardly think that is heavy, but whatever. So I order the ,500 dress and 0 veil, and they said if I bought the veil too they would give me 15% off the entire total, well they didnt and I later had to call and make them take it off. So they call me to tell me my dress is in, and that I have to pick it up within 14 days or they send it back to the factory and I dont get my 50% deposit back. So I drive 3 hours to go and pick up the dress, and my veil isnt there! And they say it will be in sometime in the next 3 weeks. So needless to say I was irate. Then they bring my dress to the counter and dont want me to try it on before I purchase it. I said may I please try my dress on? And the girl said, Oh you want to try it on before you pay for I? When I get the dress on it is very wrinkled and the hem at the bottom is not straight. I guess I just thought when you pay that much money for a dress; it should be close to perfect. I was treated very badly both times I went into that store, and I will never buy anything there again, or let any of my friends buy from there. So my suggestion, is to find another Demetrios Bridal shop, and dont buy from the one in Orlando, unless you want to be treated badly.