Wedding Dress Preservation Options

What are your options when doing wedding dress preservation? There are three main option: sealing, boxing, or bagging. What are the differences between the three? Well, there can be huge difference, as we will go over.

When most companies have a wedding dress to preserve, they use an acid-free box. Most boxes do have a window that you can see your beautiful dress from. The dress is sometimes filled with acid-free tissue to show the shape of the dress. The edges of the box also tend to be filled with this tissue.

What are some problems with this option? First, some wedding dress preservation companies will actually seal the dress into the box. That can be a problem if you ever want to show the dress of, sell it in the future, or give it to a loved one. Another problem: even if the dress isn't sealed in, it is going to be more difficult to admire your beautiful dress in the future.

Another option that most companies offer is to box your dress.

While this is similar to the sealing method, there are some very big differences. The dress is folded into an acid-free box after being cleaned and pressed. Tissue is used in between the folds, so that you won't get permanent creases in your wedding dress. A big difference between this and the sealing method is that the box is not sealed, so you can take your dress out at any time.

One of the main disadvantages to the box method is that though you can take the dress out whenever you want, it is not "easily visible". Also, it can be a pain to pull it out and look at it, then get it folded correctly back in the box.

The third main option for preserving your wedding dress is to bag it. As previously mentioned, some plastic garment bags can cause discoloring.

For this method, you do not want to use the dry-cleaner's garment bag. There are special bags that these companies can use. The main advantages to this is that your dress will be protected from dust and light, allowed to breathe, and you don't have to worry about refolding. Also, since the dress is not folded, you do not have to worry about permanent creases. This is also the easiest way to be able to show off your gorgeous wedding dress.

The main problem with the bagging method for wedding dress preservation is that not everyone has enough closet space to feasibly hold their wedding dress for all time. If you do have somewhere clean and dry to store your dress, this is probably the best method.

Whichever method you decide to use to preserve your wedding dress, we suggest getting it done professionally. That way you will know that correct chemicals will be used to clean, and only acid-free items will be used. We stress using acid-free boxes or bags so that your dress stays in its best condition for generations to come.