Asymmetric Cheap Wedding Dresses

Are you a Glamor Queen? If you love looking like a Star and want to look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day, then the choice for 2010 is the asymmetric wedding dress. Also known as a one shoulder wedding dress, the asymmetric cut refers to the number of straps covering the shoulders. Obviously, this cut has only one, and it doesn't matter which side it's on. Left or right shoulder, the other one always remains bare. It's oh-so-feminine and can be simple or elaborate, depending on the embellishments and fabric. The asymmetric cut looks great on just about anyone, whether you're larger or smaller chested. However, you should consider the neckline to make it appropriate for your chest size. Larger chests should get something with more support. Keep in mind that since it does draw the eye to the shoulder and decollete area due to its unique design, you may want to go with something else if you'd rather draw attention away from there.

Not quite as revealing as strapless but just as sexy, it's the hottest trend of the season, and designers know this. Check out any catalogue and you'll find price tags to be well into the thousands. But there's no need to fret. There are cheap wedding dresses out there that are easy enough to find.

So you want a gown with one shoulder? Your first stop is online. Search for asymmetric cheap wedding dress and you'll find pages and pages of places that sell it. You'll be able to find ones starting from as cheap as 9 (Niki Style 16616)! Sure beats the exorbitant prices that top designers charge (we wonder how much Michelle Obama paid for her one shoulder dress she wore at the inauguration early this year).

Look gorgeous on your wedding day, without breaking the bank. The one shoulder wedding dress is what to wear for 2010.