Nicole Miller Wedding Dress

We did not want to leave any stone unturned. Everything was set or so it seemed until Nicole had to choose her wedding dress. That was a real battle. Her friends brought her so much designs that she was dazed and too stupefied to choose. In order to save her from the agony of indecision, I recommended the Nicole Miller wedding dress for her. Apart from the fact that it was customised as it bears her name, it was breath-takingly beautiful.

Since the wedding day is a very crucial day in the life of every young woman and the choice of her dress on such a memorable day was also equally important, Nicole and I had to pay a visit to the Nicole Miller wedding dress store in our city with some of her friends. And whao! the bridal accessories were simply impressive. They were stunning, regal and enchanting. I could see Nicole blushing seriously out of sheer joy and excitement. I love you, Mark she said with teary eyes as she gave me a tight hug. I had to give her and her friends all the time in the world to sample all the Nicole Miller wedding dresses before settling down to choose one.

It was not an easy decision to pick just any Nicole Miller wedding dress. This is because they are all resplendently beautiful. There was the Stretch Metal Bridal Dresses by Nicole Miller, Nicole Miller Sequined V-neck Gown, Nicole Miller Shoulder-Sequin Gown, Ivory Bridal Gowns by Nicole Miller, Ivory Chiffon Bridal Gowns by Nicole Miller and lots of other mouth-watering models. At last, Nicole settled for the Nicole Miller Sequined Strapless Gown. This drained our finances by almost 0.

Now everything was set but we were still very anxious and nervous. We were just fidgety. Will the wedding ceremony turn out fine or not, we wondered. Will the Nicole Miller wedding dress or my Gucci suit turn out to be colossal white elephant projects? These were some of the crazy thoughts racing through my mind as the wedding approached. Nicoles friends and tailors gave really nice comments about the dress but we felt they were just trying to motivate us. The litmus test for the wedding dress would be the wedding day of course!

On the D-day, it was radiance and majesty throughout. The outpouring and show of love, goodwill and happiness on that glorious day surpassed everything we thought. Suddenly, all our fears melted away and we danced as if there would be no tomorrow. At the end however, the real champion of the day was the Nicole Miller wedding dress which received more compliments than anyone else including the couple!