Korean Wedding Dress Story

For the wedding dress collection team staff, the wedding dress collection process is a long and difficult process. Qu Yajun professor pointed to the Korean hall inside that piece of pure white wedding dress, said: "This wedding dress in 1992 Professor Li Xiaojiang working group from the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, Yanji City, collected this piece wedding dress collection of stories touched many people. "

Korean wedding dress, wear a woman's life twice, once married, wear, wear it until the second time is when encoffining death. Therefore, the Korean wedding dress is the wedding dress is old clothes.

Korean is known as "white nation", they are advocating white, in the grand festival, a grand Korean is known as "white nation", they are advocating white, in the grand festival, a grand celebration where men and women are used to prime T-shirt with white Therefore the traditional Korean wedding dress is a pure white.

Now in the museum's Korean collection wedding dress 1992 in Yanji City, Jilin Province, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, collected, and this wedding dress from the hand-sewn white silk jacquard fabric, "V" neck lapel jacket and cover composed of a large wide skirt.

Professor Qu said, the staff at the wedding dress collection Liang to the east in Yanji City, Jilin Province, to collect a Korean wedding dress, but asked around, no one wants out. Later, a letter of blessing called the car the Korean woman said: "Our wedding dress is old clothes, wedding wear one, even when wearing it dead buried, we have to give you buried naked, no one will to sell you. "Thus, the staff gave up the idea for the wedding dress.

And staff to leave in Yanji, the car secretly slips the letter Fu Liang a burden, the burden is filled with how much money is not to sell the wedding dress. When Liang asked her if she had been her husband's consent, car Xinfu shook his head.

"She took her last farewell in this world will be wearing clothes when carrying a family to us, it is hoped that the traditional Korean wedding dress collection and culture can be demonstrated. See car letter to give his blessing wedding dress out how much courage. "to get clothes, Liang particularly moving. "Later, an interview with China Central Television as the wedding dress Liang, also broadcast the story of this dress out, Liang Fu particularly worried about the letter would cause inconvenience to car, so give her a call to ask how the situation like her husband have angry car Fu said the letter, said her husband looked after, their marriage should be also donate to, because Koreans are also very characteristic of marriage, a woman make a lifetime of cotton are loaded into use. "said Professor Qu , Liang said that when the tears.

"In 2005, we again go to another town of Yanji investigation wedding dress culture, when a sister of the mother retains the traditional white wedding dress, we are ready to see the old man has been paralyzed in bed, not speech, but to see wife to the wedding dress closet to pull out the old man immediately waved his mouth ambiguous, but that his wife pulled out the wedding dress closet, the elderly immediately waved, shouting his mouth ambiguous, not to move their wedding dress, even after death because they wear. "was feeling a lot, said Professor Qu," the traditional custom of the nation may mean the death of a woman married and have a common definition and understanding, the former is bid farewell to her parents raised her raw blood, face the unknown perils of the new life; the latter is bid farewell to their stage of life, never to enter the return date, totally strange world. "

Pointing to the exhibition hall, a beautiful piece wedding dress, said Professor Qu Yajun, behind every wedding dress collection has a touching story, the wedding dress can be seen from many ethnic wedding ideas for wedding is a grand and solemn, so each woman, regardless of wearing the wedding dress did not pass through, should be here to see this is a place where hearts can touch.
Heritage including the oldest totem wedding dress

Qu Yajun professor said: "In most people's culture and tradition, 'married' is a major turning point in the fate of a woman's life and many nations will be at the knitting girls tend to play from the start to prepare for their wedding dress. They are the most noble fabrics, the most beautiful color line, the most characteristic pattern, the most complicated of the needle, the most lingering of mind to make your own wedding dress, for their own lives to create the most beautiful moment. "she said, so the wedding dress in the inherent rich "female red culture" can be said of a nation's textile, sewing, embroidery of the highest levels are concentrated manifested its wedding dress culture.

The weddings and funerals and other important ceremonies in the history of a nation is often the most cultural heritage of symbols, so the wedding dress styles, colors, flower-shaped pattern over other clothing to retain a national totem of the oldest and symbols. "Wedding dress for each nation is also a language which is used to carry on the traditional record of history, tell stories, express feelings, such as the aquarium a black wedding dress, to commemorate their hero, while Jingpo wedding dress skirts The pattern on the record of the history of great national movement. "Qu Yajun said, while the wedding dress is the cultural representation of gender, marriage is a woman's life events, but also Nannvzhishi, so the wedding dress is the cultural representation of gender, marriage is a woman life event, but also Nannvzhishi, so the wedding dress will have a gender and cultural symbols, which contains a considerable number of gender power relations. For example Monba, dressed mother of the bride came home immediately after to change clothes, from head to toe, inside and out have to put her husband's family prepared for her full wedding dress, wedding gown color and style and her own parents did not fundamental difference, however, is to reflect the clothes from the person who is a mother at home.

Qu Yajun professor said that in the process of gathering the wedding dress they found that as time advances, many national traditions of the wedding dress is no longer passed on today's young people, some of the traditional wedding dress has not been renewed. "For example, more special Korean cheap wedding dress, now not everyone will be retained, and some people will not retain that Paul does not matter." Said Professor Qu Yajun, such as Mongolian, Tibetan and other traditional cultural heritage is still relatively good, the many the traditional culture of ethnic minorities have been lost, and modern people do not remember the look of traditional ethnic wedding dress. So, museum culture, these women wedding dress, but also all of our traditional culture as a retention and dissemination.