Beautiful Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid has long been fashionable, mermaid wedding dresses let bride love it very much. Georges Hobeika's 2011 series was amazing, not just a beautiful tail lines, the use of flash chip element is just right. Just recently, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4 'in the mermaid style grab the limelight, you can not have illusions such as the mermaid in the movie as glamorous, it Come take a look at these beautiful mermaid wedding dress now!

Perfect curve, scaly flash chip dissatisfaction wedding, is not that out of the mermaid from the sea! Clever design gives a strong visual impact, while effective was dispersed vision, a little fat bride can wear.

Beautifully embroidered, hip retro lotus leaf design, elegant yet lively, the proposed hip little bride can try.

Fleshy chiffon design, cover up all the butterfly sleeves.

The heart is the most small shoulder lace waistcoat of similar design, this elegant extravagance!

This section highlights the design of its shoulder elegant shiny white ribbon to form a subtle shoulder, to the exquisite extravagance of the wedding has added a touch of the Greek goddess of range of children!

This elegant wedding dress was like a mermaid princess, especially the use of silk that are not bored. Tip: a small pot and consciously avoid your bride.

A thin veil reveals a fresh and elegant, while the deep V neckline, shiny sequins and the shoulder of the unique designs to create a dazzling range of children of the Queen!