Custom Wedding Dresses - The Plus-Sized Woman's Solution

Custom wedding dresses are the perfect solution for those who would much rather forgo the agony of going through hundreds and hundreds of wedding gowns in different locations, and having to choose from ones you're not quite sold on just because they're the only ones that fit. If you're a plus-sized woman, or one whose dress size is hard to match, it's already hard enough finding clothes that fit, gowns and formal wear even more so- imagine just how hard it is to find the perfect wedding dress.

No More Trying On Hundreds!

Not all of us are the standard size, although a few are luckier than most to be able to find good choices among dresses off the rack. But for those who already have a hard time in this thin-obsessed world, it can be much better to save one's self the torture of making the attempt- custom wedding dresses can save brides-to-be from heartbreak and wasted time. After all, you've still got a wedding to plan if you want everything to be perfect!

Get Recommendations- But Know What Works On You

Whether you're going with a famous designer or someone who's just starting out in the field, it's always good to know what you want and what looks best on you when getting custom wedding dresses made- and then make sure it's what you get. Of course, an experienced designer may be able to make very good recommendations depending on your size, shape and personality, but it is always best to have an idea of what you want before you go.

If you are going with a dressmaker who will just be following specifications for your choice of custom wedding dresses this becomes even more important. The first rule is to make sure you know your own shape so you can decide on a design that works best for your figure. A-line dresses, for instance, flatter curvier figures, while V-necklines flatter busty women more than other necklines. Full ball-gown skirts, on the other hand, can make one look rounder, and post-calf-length hemlines can make women look short and heavy.

Comfort Is Key

The number one rule with custom wedding dresses is that you have to like yours. After all, even the most beautiful and pricey gown will look strange if you keep fidgeting, tugging on it, or showing obvious signs of discomfort. Choose fabrics that don't just look good, they should also make you feel good - you should be able to talk, move, dance, and most of all, smile and laugh on the happiest day of your life!

Celebrate Your Shape

Well-designed and well-made custom wedding dresses will focus not on disguising your figure, but showing it off at its best - your body is something to celebrate, not hide. After all, it's an important part of you- and that's what a wedding is all about!

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