Casual Wedding dress ideas

A bride doesn't have to wear the traditional white dress, train and veil in order to look beautiful on her big day. The option to take a more casual approach is her prerogative. What the bride wants, the bride gets.

The bride is the star of the show at any wedding and the groom is best supporting actor along with a cast of thousands, or perhaps that should be hundreds. Whether the bride wears a long flowing gown or decides to dress a bit more casually, she remains the star of the show, the person who will be the subject of everyone's gaze and the focal point of every camera.

Casual doesn't mean slovenly or being dressed in a way that demeans the wonderful occasion. There are plenty of suave styles that can make a bride look stunning on her wedding day, outfits that can be as beautiful as any traditional wedding dress.

Taking the casual route, the bride may decide she won't even wear white on the occasion, opting instead for an outfit that is colorful and eye catching, one that oozes class.

The outfit might be a beautiful trouser suit, skirt suit or a dress especially made for the bride and complemented by the outfit of her groom.

Weddings for many people have become more casual affairs as people purposely move away from tradition and make personal statements in the way the decide to dress for their wedding. Not every bride wants to wear their mother's wedding gown on the big day.

Casual weddings come in many forms with some choosing to be ultra-casual where it's basically every man and woman for themselves when it comes to attire, with no attempt made at co-ordination. Some have chosen to get married in their "street clothes" saving themselves a fortune by not buying or hiring out wedding outfits.

When it comes to weddings, there might be tradition, but there are no rules. Casual weddings are actually a very practical way to care for the big occasion. The lack of traditional attire does not mean you won't enjoy your wedding or that you won't enjoy a happy life together.
The marriage is the important thing, not the wedding.

How often we find young couples making plans for months, spending a fortune on the wedding day only to divorce shortly thereafter. Perhaps if they had given more thought to the marriage rather than the wedding, things may have turned out better.

Casual wedding attire for the bride should not be frowned upon. It's her big day and if she feels happy wearing a more casual outfit, so be it. She is the star of the show after all.

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