Unusual Wedding Dress Choices

Not all of us want stereotypical white wedding dresses, but how unusual do you dare to be? Going for an alternative or unusual wedding gown can make your special day even more unique and memorable, and there are plenty of options and styles to choose from.

Most people choose a wedding gown which is a traditional shape (whether that be ballgown, princess, or fishtail) and fabric, and then choose an unusual colour or pattern. Doing it this way means that no one has any doubt you are wearing a wedding dress, whatever colour it is. And these days the options are endless! Red or wine shades are becoming increasingly common... red is the colour of love, after all! Black seems to be up and coming, which might seem extremely unusual, but it can create a really classy, stylish effect, particularly for a black tie wedding.

I love the idea of a black dress with an all white bouquet.

Co-ordinating your wedding theme around the colour of your dress is a great way to emphasise your style and choice of gown. This can include the groom's outfit, bridesmaids, flowers, decorations and even food. Or why not even do it the other way around? Pick a theme for your wedding and let your wedding gown follow suit...

If you want unusual, it doesn't need to stop with colour. There is no reason why your bridalwear has to be a traditional shape at all. Why not choose something you really can wear again? More and more brides are choosing shorter length wedding gowns, as well as more casual fabrics. Imagine being able to wear your wedding dress when you go out to celebrate your wedding anniversary!

There are so many styles of dresses available today, whether specifically for weddings or even just on the high street.

Experiment with layered dresses, different types of draping and fabric, and make even more of a statement by adding interesting and unusual accessories like feathers and beads.

Ultimately, your wedding dress should reflect your personality and personal style - so be guided by your gut-feeling. Are you the type of woman who will feel most comfortable in a traditional, classic wedding dress, or would you prefer to wear something a little different? Consider what your partner might like to see you in too - it's ok to choose something completely out of the norm if you feel confident in it and want to show off your new look to your husband-to-be! Have fun - weddings are full of joy and there are no set rules, so if you want an unusual wedding dress, then go for it!