Custom Made Wedding Dresses For All Seasons

Whatever time of year you plan to tie the knot, it can often make for an incredibly memorable event when the details of the wedding are carefully arranged to match the season. Though many couples opt to marry in the spring or the summer, others enjoy the ambience of an autumn or a winter wedding. When it comes to custom made wedding dresses, an idea of the season can often be crucial to creating the best design for the event.


There are a myriad of themes for weddings reflecting the snowy season. Whether you choose traditional Christmas colours of red and green, or opt for more subdued and stylish silvers and blues to represent the frosts and skies of winter, a winter theme is likely to be talked about for years to come. Glowing candles and sparkling fairy lights can also become wonderful centrepieces to emphasise the warmth of family and community that brings people together at a wedding. Custom made wedding dresses can fit into the colour scheme, or feature motifs such as a beautiful, unique snowflake for a one-of-a-kind bride.


Springtime is the season of new beginnings - so is it any wonder so many weddings are held in the spring? Spring weddings reflect new life with green buds and blossoming flowers. Garden weddings or other outdoor-themed ceremonies are often popular in the warmer weather. For custom made wedding dresses, bridal bouquets, and even bridesmaids dresses, pretty pinks, lavenders, light greens and soft yellows make great choices for a springtime colour scheme.


Undoubtedly the most popular time to get married, summer weather is perfect for a wedding and then a glorious honeymoon. Weddings in summer can be held on a beach or in beautiful tropical gardens, with minimal chance of rain! Bridal bouquets have their choice of bright and fragrant seasonal blooms, and vibrant summer colours like lemon, azure, and cherry. An evening summer wedding at a beach can be the most memorable event of the year.


Whether the autumn brings you brisk and windy days or the warmth of an Indian summer, weddings in this season conjure images of turning leaves and glorious sunsets. Autumn brides can opt for rich colours in copper, claret, indigo and russet for their custom made wedding dresses. For outdoor celebrations, flowers are still abundant - lilies, asters, roses, and sunflowers are all wonderful choices for bouquets or floral arrangements.